Nose is an integral part of our body, a perfectly shaped nose not only contributes towards your beauty but it also ensures smooth berating function and other respiratory functions related to your body. Most importantly it will also help you get rid of any kind of breathing problems as well.

However many of us out there have a un-propersonate nose as a result of which you come across various difficulties in life. This is when nasal augmentation using bone graft behind the ear (เสริม จมูก ใช้ กระดูก หลัง หู, which is a term in Thai) comes in handy for you and helps you get rid of all your breathing problems. Moreover, the rhinoplasty surgery also gives your nose a perfect shape and helps in aligning it with your facial structure. In this article, we will showcase the advantages of nose augmentation surgery and its contribution towards enhancing your face and improving your respiratory system.

What Are The Advantages Of Nose Augmentation Surgery?

·       Septum Correction

Many of you are born with an unequal septum at the time of birth, therefore undergoing a nose augmentation can help you solve this problem. You will no longer have to complain or feel low about how your septum looks; you can enjoy a beautiful nose with the help of this operation.

·       Fixing Abnormalities

There are various kinds of abnormalities that people are born with at the time of birth. Hence if you are born with any kind of facial abnormalities that concern the

The shape of your nose then undergoing nose augmentation can be an effective way of these simple words; you can enhance the shape of your nose with this treatment.

·       Balanced Facial Features

If you are born with a thick nose or if you suffer from an underdeveloped nose, then nose augmentation surgery is the ideal type of treatment for you. You can alter the shape of your nose according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can fix the unevenness of your nose with the help of this procedure.

·       Better Airflow

One of the largest reasons behind undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is that it helps you improve the airflow in your nose. Since the nose exists in various shapes and sizes there can be various types of complications taking place which can lead to serious breathing problems. Hence undergoing this procedure ensures that you can fix all your breathing problems.


Booking an appointment with a qualified and highly experienced doctor will enable you to get satisfactory results. Moreover, you can also consider going in for a free consultation before undergoing the entire procedure. The best part is you can find a lot of clinics these days from where you can avail of both types of services and decide the ideal shape of your nose. Conducting the entire procedure under expert guidance will help you get better results and they will ensure your safety at any given cost.

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