Social media helps us to connect with friends and family around the world. There are many social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp app and, most importantly, Facebook. Through Facebook, we can post many pictures and share memories with our friends and family. Recently, it has been seen that reels Facebook are being made to entertain others.

What Are Reels?

Reels on Facebook are a kind of video with lots of effects or music, making it more captivating that people can’t restrain themselves from watching it. The reels are of various types like informative, making funny videos, doing physical exercises or selling online products. Sometimes, it is based on real-life events or something historical.

Reels on Facebook also help in earning money based on the viewers or the likes that the person is getting. The reels can also be shared with others for more likes or views, which will help them earn extra.

How Long Is The Video?

So reels on Facebook for selling online (สร้างรายได้จาก reels, which is the term in Thai) must not be 30-minute videos. The length of the video must be 60 to 80 seconds, and the concept must be intriguing so that the person feels interested in watching the videos and buying the products.

What Is The Process?

Firstly, record your video and save it in your gallery. There is a green screen effect to record your video. Many effects are there, and you can also add songs to it if you are willing to post on Facebook and adjust the speed.

Secondly, once the edited video is posted on Facebook, add a good caption with hashtags, and automatically, you can see your reels will be displayed on the reels page.

Thirdly, as the video is very short, if any branded product has a discounted price, try to make the video short, crisp and engaging.

Fourthly, ads are essential to fund the videos, but all ads will not give money, so you must select them diligently. This will help in highlighting your products and will grab more viewers.

Things To Remember

Avoid posting images or movie clips in the videos, as it seems boring for the viewers, so as we are all busy, and the tape must be concise and captivating. It’s better to give your innovative ideas rather than copying others’ context, as this will create a bad impression on your profile. Mockery, bullying and vulgar words are strictly prohibited. At first, it’s a bit confusing, but later it becomes a piece of cake.

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