The eyes are the first noticeable thing in the human body. Our eyes look neat, clean, and beautiful if the area around them is appropriate. Saggy eyes or Puffy bags under the eyes (ถุงใต้ตาบวม, which is the term in Thai) change the entire look of our face. We look more aged or ugly when they start appearing on our faces. It also affects our confidence; moving around with these fat sacs under our eyes feels annoying. Your eyes are swollen, and you haven’t slept enough for days.

In this article, let us explore the topic and delve into the details.

How Do They Occur?

Humans all have fat sacs in some parts of our body, including the area under the eyes. But when we are young, these fat sacs are not visible. As we age, we eventually tend to lose our skin and muscles. Hence, the firmness or the cover over the fat sacs under the eyes is removed. It results in the visibility of puffy bags under the eyes.

Another common reason these bags appear on our faces is genetics. If you have such genes, then this problem may occur. Also, your lifestyle is one of the causes of puffy bags under the eyes. Sinus issues or other medical problems can also result in puffy bags. Today, we use electronic devices more. But using it longer can affect our health and lead to swollen eyes. If you are having alcohol or stress, then be aware you can get involved by these puffy eyes.

Effect Of Swollen Eyes On Your Health

These puffy eyes may look scary, but they are not. They only change your entire look but do not affect your health directly. If not treated, it will not affect your health, but it will affect your career if you are in the career line where you have to meet people and create and maintain good contacts with them, as people do not like to work with people who always look tired. Also, if you work in the fashion industry, you must work on your puffy eyes.

Solution For Puffy Bags Under Eyes

There are various ways in which you can quickly get rid of puffy eyes, including:

  • Surgery
  • Natural Methods
  • Filling Methods

Every patient needs a different approach to dealing with the puffy bags under the eyes. To select the appropriate course for you, ensure that you contact an experienced professional.

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