Why you should create Chatbot on WhatsApp

In today’s modern world, most interactions between people occur only in social networks. Now more transactions are possible on social platforms than on websites.

The success of millions of Chabots platforms on Facebook in business. People have realized the benefits of using apps to connect with brands. WhatsApp is the second best platform for marketing products, brands and services.

WhatsApp Business has launched a kind of beta-testing chatbots on the platform, which now has more than 3 million users. Chatbots that connect AI to the customer experience are the perfect choice for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s rapid growth speed is due to its ideal components. There are no ads and the best user experience of any apps. This is only because of their focus on serving them for the simplicity, utility and quality that have made them reach where they are now.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business was announced in 2018, a business version of the popular messaging app. Small businesses are allowed to communicate freely with their customers, who use the regular WhatsApp app. It is important to note that customers are not required to install any special app to communicate with companies. Furthermore, since WhatsApp Business accounts are listed as companies, users will know that they are contacted through a business account rather than a regular account.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is available to mid- and large-scale business owners, so they can reach customers from all over the world on a large scale. With the help of WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp’s automated chat software is designed to instantly handle large-scale customer queries and increase your brand’s reach.

WhatsApp Business’s business chat program involves having an automated conversation with customers, which mimics regular human interaction. With well-designed NLP algorithms and training, you get user behavior and can offer a richer customer experience.

Companies are increasingly using WhatsApp commercial chatbots to increase their participation rate, see their brand, and provide excellent customer service.

How do customers access WHATSAPP brands?

As a business, to be able to communicate with your customers on WhatsApp, you need to get them to share the same thing. Signing up for WhatsApp is when customers agree to receive WhatsApp messages from your business by providing you with their contact number through a different channel. Another way to send them updates and notifications is to get them to communicate with you first.

WhatsApp Chatbot Features

WhatsApp provides companies with a golden opportunity to reach a wider audience and provide them with the best customer service that makes them come back to you. Below are different advantages of WhatsApp chatbot:

WhatsApp Chatbot features for customers:

Customers can get the following benefits from WhatsApp chatbot:

  • Using automated chat software, customers can not only start conversations with companies, but also have immediate solutions to their queries.
  • Getting immediate responses means that they can have a bilateral conversation with companies.
  • Round-the-clock support means high customer satisfaction rates.
  • Comprehensive encryption, binary authentication and business verification provide data protection and identity to users.

Business activities are available through a platform already available instead of downloading a different app.

WhatsApp Chatbot features for corporate owners:

For business owners, here are some whatsApp chatbot benefits:

  • The platform is available to everyone, whether it is a small company, or run by home companies or large companies.
  • WhatsApp chat software offers a richer customer experience that helps keep and share customers.
  • Builds brand awareness and brand loyalty while enhancing customer relationships.
  • Makes your business available through multiple channels.
  • The ability to send broadcasts and notices issued to customers.
  • Facilitates business to communicate with customers through an interactive and visual medium.
  • WhatsApp’s global availability (excluding China), which allows you to develop a customer-centric Chatbot program that meets the international public.

WhatsApp Chatbot features for marketers:

For marketers, whatsapp business chat software brings the following opportunities:

  • WhatsApp’s automated chat programs can do the bulk of the repetitive work marketers need to do, providing them with more strategic work.
  • Helps create an effective channel to generate and connect with potential customers.
  • Chats for automated chat programs allow attractive discounts for frequent users or potential customers.
  • Different coordination options and multimedia inclusion allow the marketing team to be more creative in their skills.

WhatsApp Chatbot features for sales managers:

Once the marketing team generates potential customers, the sales team can enjoy the following benefits from WhatsApp chatbot:

  • Chatbots can help customers make any sales decisions. From product selection to routing to payment portals – chatbots can perform a large part of the conversation on their back.
  • Run promotions for potential customers.
  • Share updates on customer requests and other sales-related notifications.
  • WhatsApp Status 24-hour feature is a great way to advertise deals and sales of offers.
  • Quick responses will keep your customers engaged during your purchase.

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