Why tourism companies should use WhatsApp Chat Bot

Travel and tourism companies and their relationship to WhatsApp Chat Bot

81% of travel participants consider it very important for brands to offer personalized experiences to their customers through WhatsApp Chat Bot. In addition, 84% of travel agencies say their companies plan to invest more in customization capabilities in the next three years.

Any travel plan we develop is dedicated from start to finish, taking into account our wishes, objectives or reason for the visit. Before you end your booking, it’s normal for customers to switch between different tour companies to find one ready to create a package according to their requirements at reasonable prices.

In order for travel and tourism companies to succeed, some conditions must be met, the most important of which are:

  • The speed of response to the customer.
  • Be available 24/7.
  • He has a knack for personalization.

It is impossible for any travel and tourism company to provide the above factors to customers on their own without the intervention of artificial intelligence through WhatsApp Chat Bot. Consequently, it needs assistance known for its effectiveness and efficiency. A platform that helps customers design the itinerary, answer their queries immediately and facilitate operations on agents.

We’re talking about WhatsApp Chat Bot, let’s see how travel and tourism companies can use WhatsApp Chat Bot in their activities.

How can WhatsApp ChatBot help travel and tourism companies?

People go on a variety of trips within a year. It can be for entertainment, for any personal engagements or for a work-related trip. Travel agencies are therefore overwhelmed by last-minute booking requests, questions and inquiries, so travel and tourism companies must be prepared to provide firm answers and provide the required response at any time of the day.

Today, travelers are provided with many opportunities to book and schedule their flights online. However, customers still prefer to listen to travel and tourism companies to help them book.

Customers also refer to travel and tourism companies where they rely on them for their experience, allocation and ideas on how to make the trip affordable if this is a factor. Thus, online travel and tourism companies have a great deal of pressure to design an ideal route or help customers 24/7 by handling thousands of inquiries every day without causing any delays.

WhatsApp Chat Bot will help the customer’s journey from start to finish, i.e. help with your booking trip, design a guaranteed itinerary, provide alerts, available all the time, etc.

Therefore, WhatsApp Chat Bot in travel and tourism companies will help achieve exactly that. WhatsApp chatbot is known for its 24/7 capabilities and sophisticated personality. He learns and becomes better after each interaction, and can already be referred to as a traveler’s companion thanks to his constant assistance.

WhatsApp Chat Bot features for travel and tourism companies

Faster sales thanks to WhatsApp Chat Bot

As we have mentioned earlier, urgency and speed are crucial for travel and tourism companies. By organizing a booking process or even designing packages, customers can get what they’re looking for in less time. They don’t have to wait long, as WhatsApp Chat Bot works at extraordinary speed and provides the best possible answers at any given time. Therefore, because of the admiration for speed, it becomes easy for customers to make a faster decision.

More non-hours bookings via WhatsApp Chat Bot

Travel and tourism companies can get an order at any time. If the company only processes questions or queries during business hours, you may lose a large part of your customers from any region. An automated solution such as WhatsApp Chat Bot can solve this problem because it is available 24/7. Thus, by responding to customers and helping them book regardless of the time, the customer will be prompted to make a reservation.

Customer satisfaction

The great travel experience consists of personal offers, the best deals, rapid response time and many other factors. WhatsApp Chat Bot will help achieve all the goals to deliver a fun customer experience. If your customers are happy, your business will automatically flourish. This keeps additional customers and customers – referred by your current happy customers.

Save costs with WhatsApp Chat Bot

The implementation of an automatic platform reduces costs by 40-75%. WhatsApp Chatbot increases efficiency, helping to increase sales and therefore revenue. At the same time, it reduces support costs by reasonably setting their prices, eliminating the need to train agents to handle queries and other activities that a WhatsApp Chat Bot can do, and requires fewer resources to complete tasks.

Reduce errors

Sending an automated invoice or package details reduces the chances of sending incorrect information to customers. Thus, travel and tourism companies can be free of worries while WhatsApp Chat Bot talks to customers and sends and collects the required information at the same time.

What can be done with What’sApp Chat Bot?

  • Full booking for your customers
  • Any updates, alerts or notifications
  • All answers to common queries
  • Build an ideal itinerary based on customer requests
  • Help the customer recover money or reschedule your booking
  • Collect timely comments from your customers and improve service
  • Transfer any information, guidelines or rules to follow

In the world of travel and tourism, companies thrive by keeping up with trends and providing immediate assistance to their customers. In addition, the travel industry is constantly evolving and has been a positive contributor to global GDP.

It is not surprising that customers want rich experiences in the form of instant responses and high quality information. As the customer base increases, it becomes difficult to meet growing demands and achieve annual targets. Automated solutions such as WhatsApp Chat Bot are the way forward to meet high customer expectations and achieve your business goals easily.

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