Reasons why you ensure WhatsApp marketing in your business’s

WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing has become a staple of digital marketing, with WhatsApp providing a private and comfortable conversation space, WhatsApp marketing has not yet received the full attention of marketers. We’ve compiled many other reasons why you need a WhatsApp marketing strategy right now.

WhatsApp is the most common chat system in the world where users can send text messages, voice calls, video calls, send voice notes, locations, create and share photos, videos, and other files via mobile phone and desktop.

Provides comprehensive encryption and free real-time communication with users on the platform. It has evolved from a closed text-based platform to a place where people share opinions and news with others. Communication features have paved the way for global conversations, and the inclusion of multimedia formats has also made WhatsApp a source of entertainment.

Most marketers think it’s hard to build an audience on WhatsApp. But when you already have your target audience list on your customer data platforms with email addresses, contact numbers and other information, you just need to know if they’re using WhatsApp or calling them.

Another concern for marketers is that they don’t want to be intrusive by sending marketing messages directly to users’ WhatsApp. But smart, timely and relevant messages can help you access them without blocking them.

The most important reasons why you ensure WhatsApp marketing in your business’s digital marketing strategy

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging platform

According to whatsapp, the platform connects to more than 2 billion users around the world, making it the most popular messaging app today. With this large fan base to meet your needs, you can use it the right way to interact with your target audience.

People prefer to use WhatsApp chat for phone calls

Reaching your audience on their favorite channel is vital in any marketing strategy. According to Business2Community, “more people use their smartphones to send text messages than they do in phone calls, and more than 90% of users use text or SMS services.”

Optimizing chat is critical to communicating with target audiences. Owning a trademark WhatsApp account can ensure that you are available at all times to users and can communicate with it at the right time.

You can customize conversations on WhatsApp

Individual interactions help your business meet the unique interests and requirements of your customers. This makes your message more relevant and authentic.

For example, if a clothing brand is connected to its permanent customers through WhatsApp and knows their purchase preferences, they can send relevant messages and deals.

WhatsApp marketing has a variety of features for different marketing needs

Apart from personal messages, WhatsApp offers a range of features for marketers to take advantage of in WhatsApp marketing:

  • Groups bring together like-minded people to exchange views and opinions. With a maximum size of 256, you can combine your most valuable customers to share product previews, early deals, etc. Make the group theme suitable for users, so they can find it.
  • Broadcasting is a feature that can send a message to the recipients of the broadcast list. It’s a great way to create awareness of your brand, products and ad sharing.
  • The case can be used in several ways. Create short videos of product demos and share customer experiences. You can view photos about product information, use your status to your customers’ mood, or share updates in real time.
  • Sharing links to your products, services, PDF files, or documents such as status studies, video product presentations, or audio files to let customers know or how to do so can help inform and interact with the public. You can also share your site with customers to easily reach you, and share customer service contacts and updates.
  • Connect, you can communicate with your international customers via voice calls. If you’re b2B, take advantage of video calls for free demonstrations and direct consultations.

WhatsApp for business and its role in WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp offers business applications to SMEs to create business profiles, share websites, opening hours, contact information, and automate welcome messages and external messages for free. You can also integrate third-party chat robots for a fee.

The BUSINESS API is for large organizations that want to send automatic updates, notifications, and tracking information to customers and pay for the messages they send. This gives marketers unparalleled access to a participating user base.

Customer service to improve customer experience and WhatsApp marketing

Including customer service in your WhatsApp marketing strategy can help create exceptional customer experiences. You can use chat to resolve customer queries, product tracking and delivery updates, communicate with customers through voice calls and integrate WhatsApp Chat Bot for a seamless shopping experience. As a fast-paced means of communication, you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere.

WhatsApp marketing is free

WhatsApp marketing is free unless you use Business API or integrate WhatsApp Chatbot of WhatsApp, and you will pay for the package that is right for you. This is reason enough to take advantage of it. The unique selling offer of this platform is that it is a free vehicle with a range of features, a wide and interactive user base, the ability to share content using multimedia formats, and the ability to connect customers seamlessly.

WhatsApp can turn into a huge marketing opportunity if you can create brand awareness through other digital channels such as social platforms, websites, etc. to help you get started, leaving you some tips for a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy:

  • The user’s permission is necessary before you start sending your marketing messages to them.
  • Provide relevant content.
  • Focusing on personal and individual communication will help you better communicate with your customers.
  • Take advantage of different sharing options and content formats to engage customers.
  • Video messages and status are influential in creating brand awareness and solving customer problems.
  • Group messages and broadcasts can help you share general information such as contact details, service center details, FAQs, product launches, offers, and deals.
  • Use interactive maps to help customers access your physical locations.
  • Use WhatsApp for automated messaging and work-related information sharing.
  • Be available and have a dedicated team to respond to your customers’ messages through chat and calls.

WhatsApp is an excellent way to serve customers, resolve queries, share FAQs, track delivery, and take advantage of WhatsApp Chat Bot. Optimizing the use of the platform can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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