Why do WhatsApp block your phone number?


WhatsApp is one of the best, if not the best, online messaging apps, with more than 2 billion active users per day, both for commercial reasons and for regular communication, where WhatsApp is very popular with Internet users.

Business messages, especially on WhatsApp, are now an integral part of the customer’s journey. 50% of users consider business messages to be the modern way to communicate, with 53% of businesses likely to shop directly.

As WhatsApp becomes increasingly popular, there are many restrictions and laws that the app imposes on users to maintain privacy and protect other users to coexist in a safe environment.

More recently, a common problem among WhatsApp users has increased: WhatsApp blocks your phone number, usually because of a violation of WhatsApp terms and conditions, there are also other reasons why WhatsApp is blocked, so if WhatsApp blocks your own number, the first thing you have to do is find out why you’re blocking.

Why do WhatsApp block your number?

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why WhatsApp has blocked your phone number, let’s take a look at the most important reasons why you block WhatsApp:

The first common reason: using modified WhatsApp apps

Many users prefer to use modified WhatsApp Plus applications, where some privileges are added to modified applications that in turn are contrary to WhatsApp’s policy of using WhatsApp, such as comprehensive customization, download original quality images, send large files, download cases that are posted to other users, and at many times WhatsApp tries to block users using modified applications, This means that if you discover your use of modified apps, you will end up being banned from using the app.

Reason 2: Get blocked by a large number of users

You may be banned from using whatsapp if you are blocked by a large number of people, we all know that users can report you or block you freely if they notice that it is necessary.

While attitudes and behavior on WhatsApp have a lot to do with the ban you receive from people, sending files and harmful viruses can quickly block you if a lot of people block you and report it.

This ban is useful for users as many people use WhatsApp in the wrong way and send many malicious messages to users, so be careful in sending your messages.

Reason 3: Sending a lot of messages to users who are not registered with your contacts

Your messages you send to a large number of users who are not registered with your Contacts on WhatsApp can be marked as spam, meaning that you can be reported by users and you will end up blocking your number from using WhatsApp.

Reason 4: Sending malicious files, viruses or malware

WhatsApp always reviews links and files that are circulating via WhatsApp, and it is strongly forbidden for users to send anything they can detect as a virus or malicious program. As a result, if you’re sending files that can be marked as malicious, WhatsApp will block your number and you won’t be able to use the app.

Reason 5: WhatsApp Amendment

WhatsApp’s terms and conditions clearly state that modifying application files is a prohibited crime. So trying any action towards customizing, re-engineering, changing its contents, or even decrypting or extracting the code can easily block your WhatsApp number.

Reason 6: Hacking or disabling WhatsApp servers

That’s why you don’t need to explain much, trying to hack into WhatsApp servers and disable the service will eventually block you from using the app altogether.

Reason 7: Inappropriate behavior

As mentioned, WhatsApp wants to maintain the best user experience and be the user in a safe environment, where WhatsApp is concerned with the safety of users, so any reports of harassment, inappropriate behavior, attempted threats and racist comments will eventually ban you from using WhatsApp once and for all, and similarly illegal language is strictly prohibited.

Reason 8: Impersonate other users or create fake accounts

WhatsApp takes many security measures to ensure that none of its users are imitated. Creating fake accounts or impersonating other users is an easy way to block your WhatsApp number. So be careful if you use someone else’s name in your profile.

Reason 9: Creating groups and adding people randomly

WhatsApp has the set-up feature on the app, and there is no specific number of groups that create them, yet creating too many groups and adding random people can lead to problems and a ban on using the app.

If you create too many groups and add people who aren’t with you as a contact, your WhatsApp number may be blocked.

Reason 10: Sending the same message to many users

Sending the same message within WhatsApp to many people can block your number. WhatsApp may consider this to be random messages and prevents you from doing so. Note that this applies even if you send the message to your contacts.

Reason 11: Joining many groups in a short period of time

Joining a large number of groups in a short period of time may cause a whatsapp account to malfunction. WhatsApp may define you as a robot and block your number. The ban is often temporary.

Reason 12: Repeated violation of WhatsApp terms and conditions

If WhatsApp finds out that you have repeatedly violated their terms and conditions, they may prohibit you from serving. Therefore, if you are notified of certain offending activities, be very careful because another violation may result in your WhatsApp number being blocked.

What do you do if WhatsApp blocks your number?

Once you’ve found out why you’ve blocked WhatsApp, you can take a few steps to restore your account. Please note that this is relevant only if you are temporarily blocked, which usually occurs if you have used a modified application or participated in cases involving group messages.

First of all, try uninstalling WhatsApp and reinstalling the official version of WhatsApp, don’t worry about your chat history, files, and photos, whatsapp lets you export it again.

Finally, another option is to talk to the WhatsApp support team to cancel the ban. Just explain your position to them clearly and you can cancel your blocked WhatsApp number within hours. You can contact the WhatsApp support team.

What do you do if the WhatsApp ban is final?

You are usually banned from WhatsApp for a few hours or days, but if you are permanently banned from WhatsApp, they usually mention the solution and give you the option to contact the support team. However, if you frequently violate WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, they may permanently prohibit you.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to overturn the ban unless you prove that the ban was done by mistake to the WhatsApp support team. This is not an easy task. Although there are some cases where people have been accidentally blocked, in most cases they cannot be undone.

If this is your case, the only solution is to change your WhatsApp number.

If you are banned from using WhatsApp, make sure you do not violate any of the terms and conditions as mentioned above, and contact the WhatsApp support team, when you contact WhatsApp, make sure your message goes to [email protected] and not [email protected]

Keep in mind that WhatsApp is the only service that can unblock your number. Therefore, do not use any application or service that promises to cancel the ban.

With many users every day, WhatsApp can be a great feature of your business if you use it smartly. You can enable it for your online services and not only to sell your products or contact your customers and you can also use it as an alternative to customer support services.

Another excellent option is to add the WhatsApp button on your website to integrate it with on-site communication services. In this way, you can enable many WhatsApp chat services for your store and add a way for your contacts to send you direct messages.

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