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WhatsApp Business

You are allowed to use WhatsApp as a customer support channel. It facilitates collaboration between customer service agents by allowing installation across multiple devices. And more.

But what about WhatsApp Business benefits for customers? What can WhatsApp Business do for them? What gains do they get from interacting with a business representative who uses WhatsApp Business?

Because while WhatsApp Business’s advantages for businesses and companies – large and small – are clear, they also translate into gains for customers.

Because customer satisfaction is the root of business success, we also need to understand how buyers benefit from companies using WhatsApp for business.

WhatsApp Business Benefits

Your company meets the client on a platform familiar to them

Have you ever been left wondering: WhatsApp Business can do for my customers in terms of comfort? Just let the data tell the story.

First, here are some general numbers.

  • Three out of four clients are upset that they are unable to respond or act on the basis of a text message they receive.
  • 43 per cent of customers took it upon themselves to send a text message to a company.
  • Nearly six out of ten customers prefer not to have to communicate with companies via a separate app.

Here’s how this relates to whatsapp.

  • Two billion people around the world use WhatsApp every month.
  • More than 175 million people send text messages to the WhatsApp business account every day

The numbers say everything.

There is a demand for increased communication with companies via text messages. With WhatsApp Business as the world’s leading messaging app, there’s no better platform you can use.

By connecting with your WhatsApp customers, a system they’re more likely to be than any other platform, you meet them in an area familiar to them.

This makes things convenient for them because it prevents them from having to switch to another platform to communicate with your business.

WhatsApp Business is an immediate solution to many problems

Everyone is a global consumer. Whether you’re a business owner or marketing professional, you’ve had a slow and ineffective problem-solving experience with a company before.

Here’s another statistic that shows WhatsApp Business benefits: Three out of four customers believe it takes a long time to reach a direct customer service agent.

Unlike emails and communication models, which sometimes suffer from the unfortunate reputation of being “deadlocked” channels, WhatsApp provides efficiency.

For the customer, WhatsApp Business’s advantages — or at least connecting with a company you use — are two-way, fast communication and quick responses.

Gone are the days of waiting to hear a response to a complaint that was emailed or filled out in a form. Gone are the days of listening to music waiting while your customer service agent waits to answer your call.

WhatsApp Business benefits customers with WhatsApp business are to take care of their messages and concerns immediately. Even if they have to wait a little longer, their ears don’t stick to the phone, and they can keep doing business until the WhatsApp message notice rings.

Start-to-end shopping experience

There’s no better way to draw WhatsApp business benefits for customers, but with data, here’s another way for you: three out of four customers are likely to change brands if the purchase is too annoying.

WhatsApp Business provides customers with a comprehensive shopping experience. In one application, customers can be guided to the different stages of the purchase route until exit.

This is an example. If you’re running an e-commerce business, the typical purchase route for a customer browsing on their mobile device may look like:

  • Facebook ads ← the e-commerce site (browser app) ← the product page (browser app) ← the exit page (browser app) ← payment authentication (bank application) ← confirmation of purchase (email app)
  • But with WhatsApp and Facebook ads clicking on WhatsApp, one of WhatsApp business’s advantages for customers is the in-app shopping experience.
  • In other words, from browsing products and FAQs to adding items to your shopping cart and towing, everything can happen from step two onwards within WhatsApp itself.

Note: In-app shopping is still a work in progress, recently announced by Facebook.

Multimedia and interactive customer support keep them informed

One of WhatsApp Business’s advantages for customers lies in the multimedia options offered by the app.

Regardless of text, photos, videos, and attachments can be sent in different formats (.pdf, .docx, .APK, etc.) — even sharing location and contacts — via WhatsApp.

This opens up a world of customer service capabilities where communication is no longer limited to text-only restrictions, all on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business’s interactive whatsapp business messaging also helps keep you connected quickly.

For example, by clicking on a phrase urging the user to take action, which you can include in interactive messages, customers can be informed of a product that has been restocked and forwarded to the product page itself. Through deliveries, they can also open a website where they can track their orders.

Seamless shopping experience with WhatsApp Business API

The boom in e-commerce over the past decade or two has led to a dramatic shift in purchasing behavior, one of the most important changes ever being the possibility of shopping internationally.

When WhatsApp Business appeared on the market, the ability to communicate across borders without any additional charges for external calls or text messages boosted international shopping.

Today, buyers can not only buy products or services from outside companies, but can also contact them easily and freely – as if they were buying from a local company on two streets.

With WhatsApp Business, the location of the product and company is no longer a factor limiting customers. In fact, cross-border shopping was estimated at $994 billion in 2020. If the numbers continue to grow, it won’t be long before they exceed the $1 trillion mark.

Accessibility, efficiency and functionality are the main benefits of whatsapp business for customers.

Additionally, let’s not forget that the popularity of chat apps is increasing. The growing demand for better, faster customer service, business connections and WhatsApp efforts to deliver new features will only lead to more WhatsApp business benefits for companies and customers alike.

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