WhatsApp marketing strategies to increase sales

Compared to other social media platforms, WhatsApp has the largest number of users per month, more than 1.5 billion active. This is why large companies around the world use this chat platform to market their products through WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp marketing to boost business

The first strategy of WhatsApp marketing strategies: Create an attractive brand personality

The first approach to using WhatsApp marketing to promote your business is to customize and create an attractive business personality. Because you intend to use WhatsApp in marketing as a tool to reach your customers, they should be able to choose your brand quickly. You must create an attractive brand character that represents your brand with its WhatsApp number. People don’t like to chat with names of unknown companies.

Second Strategy of WhatsApp Marketing Strategies: Delivering Good Value for Building a Phone Database

You can’t pay messages to consumers with whom they no longer have a mutual relationship. You need to get a request from customers to become their contacts before sending them messages and starting marketing via WhatsApp to customers. To achieve this, design an attractive promotion, so users can share their numbers with you. Once they’ve added them to WhatsApp, send them the promotion/offer that they can then replace and start linking to you.

WhatsApp marketing lets you run promotions using visuals, audio notes, videos, action-prompting graphics, website links related to business, new product launches, brochures, vouchers, or useful content that are not sales materials.

The third strategy of whatsapp marketing strategies: delivering valuable content

Provide high-quality content on relevant topics to make sure your customers interact with you.

Here are some tips for creating a successful WhatsApp collection to use in marketing:

Create a group including up to 256 customers (maximum number of group members).

  • Select the name of a unique group.
  • Make sure that the group address reflects your business name.
  • Add the brand logo as a group symbol if you have one.
  • Establishing mentoring policies for the group. This will ensure that people do not post things that have nothing to do with the group’s purpose. Once you notice communities posting inappropriate content, you can remove these people immediately.
  • Attract users with useful content, gifts, free gifts, etc.

Take advantage of WhatsApp status feature in marketing for your business: In Status Update, apart from sharing photos and events around you, it can be used as a “temporary ad” for your business. Because this case is available 24 hours a day to viewers, it’s a useful tool to highlight your work or the topics you follow.

The fourth strategy of whatsapp marketing strategies: providing a quick customer service

You must have sufficient resources to deal with customer inquiries. Start responding quickly to your customers as soon as they try to reach you. Make sure you have someone dedicated to returning to the customer depending on the traffic and make sure their performance is measured as well.

The fifth strategy of whatsapp marketing strategies: market study and customer feedback

WhatsApp marketing makes it easy to attract customers for valuable comments after completing the transaction. Surprisingly, you will get a direct response from your customers, which will improve transparency. In addition, group discussions with customers, suppliers and employees can be possible on time. These activities generate a range of suggestions and comments. Through the comments you have collected, you can respond to their demands and support the products and services you provide. By developing creative and entertaining questionnaires, you can interact with your customers.

WhatsApp is a treasure we can benefit from in marketing for our products or services, however, it works very well for companies that have an international customer base. Therefore, if you have an international customer base and want to market it, it is likely to grow great across WhatsApp, so don’t try to bypass WhatsApp marketing in any way.

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