WhatsApp marketing is important marketing strategies

WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular, and with more than 1.5 billion active users, its growing importance, especially in marketing, cannot be ignored. Although the app is popular for personal use, WhatsApp management recently changed the plan with the launch of WhatsApp Business – giving marketing providers the opportunity to connect to a generation of instant messaging with WhatsApp being an important marketing channel.

WhatsApp marketing

The recent rise in the use of WhatsApp as a social network, due to rich media sharing options, has raised it to be more than just a messaging app. Users are increasingly aware of its validity as a reliable news source, while Facebook continues to recognize it as a profitable marketing tool, making some use the WhatsApp marketing strategy as part of corporate marketing strategies.

Why should you use WhatsApp marketing for your business?

1- WhatsApp platform is a private and secure platform

After the proliferation of many issues of customer data leaking, most customers are looking for secure platforms to use, they are tired of ads and general slow Android software. WhatsApp is a safe bet as it has proven itself as a reliable platform that encrypts messages and does not share information with third parties. Unlike other apps, they’re not loaded with ads, which means customers see them as a safe, private place to communicate regularly.

WhatsApp Business requires a business to verify each account, so customers can make sure they are in contact with a verified company.

2- Your business is available online continuously

It was not important at all for companies to make themselves available and available to customers to contact them in a way that suits the customer’s comfort zone. WhatsApp Business Messaging identifies all suggestions and responses. WhatsApp provides fast, effective and reliable messages everywhere on a platform that many uses, so no more neglect in customers.

With WhatsApp, alerts and updates can be received in time. More importantly, any urgent questions that need to be answered in a timely and direct manner can be answered, with no broker slowing down the process, WhatsApp marketing has become a key marketing strategy for companies that want to succeed.

3- Better understanding customers

WhatsApp Business app messages allow companies to collect and analyze valuable consumer research. It offers many advantages for companies, for example:

  • Ask questions directly to your customers and measure preferences
  • Send quick surveys and surveys to get a better understanding of product demand/items/service levels etc.
  • Responding to individual inquiries in a more personal way
  • This increases interaction by allowing users to know that the business they are interacting with is not restricted by a single channel of communication, and that customer time is evaluated.

4- Promoting brand awareness and credibility

Using WhatsApp Business allows companies to get more personalized and authentic with responses to customer messages and queries, where WhatsApp can be used to send promotions, custom updates and more company-branded files, which means enhancing brand awareness.

Customers can also know when the business profile has been “confirmed” – similar to the verified authentication status on Twitter – providing companies with credibility and customers with a sense of security.

5- Respond to customers faster and easier

WhatsApp Business allows companies to provide faster customer service. When enabling customers, companies can contact users directly on their phones. This is important when you think that 56% of people prefer to contact customer services via messages rather than by phone, which means that WhatsApp marketing cannot be neglected at all.

WhatsApp Business’s Quick Responses function enables companies to store and reuse useful and frequently sent messages to speed up customer service.

6- Easy mobility through historical generations

Customers are more likely to connect and interact with brands that use their preferred platform. Although WhatsApp is mostly used by younger age groups, the app’s functionality makes it available to a broad age group.

Companies are fighting for their customer attention and putting it in their marketing plan, and companies that can’t keep up with the risks are marginalized. WhatsApp provides customers with an instant and interactive platform to actively engage with companies in real time.

The current generation grew up relying on technology, and as customers expect personal contacts from brands, especially online and via mobile phone. When used well, WhatsApp lets companies perfectly implement this type of service. As a result, the role of WhatsApp marketing cannot be marginalized in any way.

7- Interaction analysis for future planning

With WhatsApp Business’s messaging statistics feature, it’s possible to get valuable insights and measure success levels in new ways. Companies can monitor customers’ working hours often online and increase or reduce resources accordingly, companies can also measure “messages seen” and deliver status, in order to implement and improve future conversations.

8- Creative and effective communication with customers

Tools can be used to organize specific messages, queries, and instant responses to help interact with the customer faster. The perfect way to attract customer attention is through different types of media.

In the end, the importance of WhatsApp Business marketing should be noted, and WhatsApp Business messages are a very powerful and wide-ranging communication platform that can help companies connect with their customers.

Keep in mind that using WhatsApp as part of your marketing arsenal to maintain a seamless customer service experience that adds value to a customer’s journey.

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