WhatsApp marketing positive features for business, 2022

What is Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a type of messaging marketing, which means promoting the brand via WhatsApp. This channel helps brands reach a large audience, build strong customer relationships, and increase sales.

Why should you use WhatsApp marketing for your business?

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging system, and in 2020, its audience grew to 2 billion monthly active users. This marketing channel is essential for companies that want to communicate with audiences in all countries.

WhatsApp marketing lets you stay in touch with your customers – more than half of WhatsApp users check the app every day. Better yet, you can be sure that they will get your offers, as the opening rate for text messages is 98%.

The last point is that your customers love WhatsApp channel to connect. They trust brands that use WhatsApp apps more – 53% of people say they will buy from companies they can access via WhatsApp.

However, there are more reasons to apply WhatsApp in your marketing strategy. We’ll get to know it on this.

WhatsApp marketing features for business

Using WhatsApp marketing is a golden opportunity to improve your marketing strategy. There are four positive results for using WhatsApp to promote your business.

WhatsApp has deep relationships with customers

More than 55% of people feel more branded if they use WhatsApp in messaging. WhatsApp marketing makes it a unique strategy to build long and deep relationships with customers. Maintaining such contact, in turn, helps brands reduce expenses because keeping customers is 5-25 times cheaper than an acquisition.

WhatsApp provides business with a strong range of customizable opportunities. For example, you can send custom welcome messages, special offers, etc. Such an approach keeps customers more engaged with the brand – more than 70% of consumers say they only interact with custom marketing messages.

WhatsApp marketing helps with high conversion rate

Choosing an ideal channel for initial customer contact is critical. People may be resentful of phone calls when they can’t be reached via email or social media.

WhatsApp is where your customers are always located, companies say customers have answered 40% of their WhatsApp messages.

Better yet, messaging leads to conversions. Specifically, messaging after initial contact with the potential customer can increase the conversion rate by 112.6%.

WhatsApp helps you with better sales

WhatsApp marketing acts as a kind of magic wand for your sales. The simple trick of adding a WhatsApp phone number to your website can increase sales by 27%.

Access to a brand through any messaging app alone seems to instill confidence in potential customers. At least 66% feel more optimistic about buying from a company if they are active on messaging programs.

Better yet, you can consider WhatsApp as a stand-alone sales channel for your business. It is possible with the growing trend of people to buy through messaging apps. Nearly 60% of consumers believe they will use messaging software more to make purchases in the future.

WhatsApp marketing helps you reduce the cost of marketing

WhatsApp remains an affordable marketing channel, making this platform attractive to small businesses. All you need for WhatsApp marketing is to install an app and connect to the Internet.

At the same time, the chances of your message reaching the customer are very high. On average, the user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day.

WhatsApp marketing leads more conversions, improves sales, allows you to build deep-quality relationships with customers, and costs almost nothing in terms of marketing expenses.

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