How to make WhatsApp ChatBot is good for your business

WhatsApp ChatBot

It’s easy to understand when people say whatsapp chatbot is a program that communicates with people through pre-defined WhatsApp messages. This connection can be made through text messages and even voice messages.

But for WhatsApp ChatBot, the definition comes according to the application. WhatsApp Bot basically lets you automate your sales and customer service through your WhatsApp Business account.

For example, if you run an e-commerce inventory using WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Chat Bot will display products and product categories to your customers when asked to do so.

What is ChatBot?

WhatsApp Chat Bot is a solution developed to help companies build their presence on WhatsApp. As the best alternative to older SMS services, WhatsApp allows companies to interact with customers through chats, reminders, and confirmation texts in WhatsApp itself.

There are two types of WhatsApp Business

  • WhatsApp Business app
  • WhatsApp Business API

Need whatsapp chatbot?

Are you a company that wants to be on WhatsApp? If the answer is yes, why? Surely why you are:

You want to take advantage of your business with WhatsApp Business

You want to bring your customer service to WhatsApp

If you’re looking to expand your WhatsApp business, you need to provide the experience from your website to the WhatsApp store. You’ll recommend all products, display categories, send reminders and you’ll definitely need to talk to your customers.

How will you be able to do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

How many sales/live chat employees can you hire to handle 1,000 customers a day?

That’s why using WhatsApp ChatBot and why it’s necessary. Not only are they efficient and fast, they significantly reduce costs.

WhatsApp automation using WhatsApp Chat Bot:

  • Will help users even outside working hours
  • Saves the costs of hiring multiple agents
  • Can handle multiple conversations at the same time, unlike humans
  • It is very fast and effective.

Get WhatsApp chatbot Business API

There is no common WhatsApp number that can have a conversation robot possible on it. WhatsApp does not allow this. The WhatsApp Bot concept came to an end when Facebook launched the WhatsApp Business API for companies in 2018.

WhatsApp Business API allows companies to have a WhatsApp presence on WhatsApp Business and verify their WhatsApp Business accounts.

With WhatsApp Business API, you can integrate your systems such as WhatsApp Chat Bot, CRM, chat agents dashboards, etc. to automate sales and customer service.

WhatsApp ChatBot and Conversation Design

When you create a WhatsApp Business bot for your WhatsApp Business account, it acts as the face of your company’s first interaction. It is therefore very important to take into account the main aspects of conversation design.

Conversation Design: Conversation design is a process in which you create all possible conversations your customer can have with your WhatsApp Chat Bot. It’s the heart of WhatsApp automation. Conversation design will help you identify your customers’ needs based on their questions.

It’s important to note that users can get frustrated when WhatsApp ChatBot fails to deliver the message correctly. Conversation design will help improve the customer experience and increase the percentage of queries that your WhatsApp Chat Bot can successfully answer.

Build multi-stream conversation robots: It’s important to keep in mind that there will be multiple streams of conversations to get your customer to achieve their goal, which is likely to be a purchase or filling out a form. With multiple flows, you can make conversation design more efficient.

Add useful backups: No chat bot can respond to 100% of requests. There will be times when WhatsApp ChatBot fails to solve a task. This is called WhatsApp Chat Bot crashes or referencing. When creating a conversation design, avoid using common backups such as “I’m sorry I can’t answer this now.”

Be helpful, not just a salesperson: When compiling a conversation design make sure that whatsApp chat bot is polite and looks like an assistant. Please don’t over-offer or brag too much about your product. Show things useful to your customers only when asked.

Avoid long texts: How many times will you read a long text on WhatsApp? The same thing happens with your customers. Make WhatsApp Chat Bot messages short and effective. If you need to explain something in more detail, attach a broker or document with an SMS.

Add a phrase urging the user to take action in the final message: What is the purpose of setting up what is a WhatsApp ChatBot? to achieve more precision at work. It’s important to note that at the end of the conversation, WhatsApp ChatBot should ask the customer to take action such as “Buy Now” or “Fill the fields.”

The purpose of conversation design is to improve the customer experience using WhatsApp ChatBot. A good customer experience will help you get more present and get to know the brand on WhatsApp.

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