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WhatsApp Chatbot platforms have been increasing for two years, and work on WhatsApp Chat Bot platforms has increased this year due to the spread of the Corona pandemic, so it should be noted that it is important to create WhatsApp Chat Bot for your business, and we will list the benefits of this in this subject.

What is chat bot? And why did it become a big deal for companies?

Chat Bot is a software powered by rules and artificial intelligence, that simulates real interaction with users via the chat interface. In other words, chatbot is a service that can have a conversation with you just like any real person.

Conversation robots rely on machine learning to collect conversation rhythms that allow them to copy human conversations and respond to written or spoken requests for a service.

Chat Chatbot bot is dedicated to understanding the language of dialogue, not just commands, because they use artificial intelligence. Therefore, the more automated chat programs with users, the smarter you become.

Let’s look together at the most important benefits of chat bot platforms for your business

Keep up with technical updates: Being on messaging platforms

Many reports have shown that chatbot apps reached more users than social networks in the first quarter of the year, as customer preferences are about to interact with brands via chat – they are easier and faster to use – now the opportunity to reach more customers via chatbot while staying modern for their customers.

Moreover, 65% of smartphone users do not download any new apps within a month. Because users have their core apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., they’re not looking for new apps.

Therefore, integrating your automated chat software into WhatsApp Chat Bot that your customers use every day can be better than creating a new app by saving money and time.

Chatbot platforms help you improve customer service performance

  • Comprehensive customer assistance

A survey showed that 83% of online shoppers need support while shopping. Therefore, your customers may need help trying to understand which products suit their needs/budgets at any time of the day. Moreover, shoppers may not find what they’re looking for because of mobility problems when they’re on your site, may have questions about registration, payment, payment, and delivery, or there may be a lack of information about a product.

In all these situations, WhatsApp Chat Bot programs can provide real-time assistance such as a salesperson in a real store. In addition, WhatsApp Chat Bot can offer an interactive connection where questions are also asked to understand the real problem.

  • Customer support is always available

According to research by Gartner, customer service is the most important factor for success. Therefore, whether you are an international or local company, having good 24-hour customer service has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Customer support can be improved with the help of WhatsApp Chat Bot. WhatsApp Chat Bot can be programmed to provide automated answers to frequently asked questions immediately and redirect the request to a real person when a more complex procedure is needed. This allows human customer service representatives to save time and help the most important situations rather than simple, time-consuming tasks.

In addition, with the help of WhatsApp Chat Bot platforms, organizations can handle more tasks at the same time so that no customer has to wait. This will allow companies to expand their operations to new markets worldwide without doubling the orders received to be handled.

  • Quick interaction with customers

WhatsApp services allow you to start a conversation with each customer, regarding any problem, at any time of the day. This will make your customers feel that your brand is one step ahead of competitors and helps improve your brand’s long-term awareness.

Increase customer participation

It’s important to keep your customers engaged with your brand. According to reports and research, companies that deal with their customers on social media have been able to increase customer spending by 20% to 40%. As the company works on social media platforms, WhatsApp Chatbot can contribute by making customers more interactive.

WhatsApp Chat Bot services don’t carry customers with inappropriate and unnecessary information, keep your customers on your platform longer and keep content flowing by keeping the conversation going.

Monitoring consumer data and gaining insights and statistics

WhatsApp Chat Bot services are great tools for communicating with customers. With the comments they collect with simple procedures, you can make improvements to your services/products and even improve your website by adjusting low conversion pages.

WhatsApp Chat Bot can also be used to track purchasing patterns and consumer behaviors by monitoring user data, helping the company identify “products that need to be marketed differently, which products should be marketed more and which should be redeveloped for relaunch.”

Companies can track orders and responses from their users to WhatsApp Chat Bot, predict responses based on consumer language and guide Android to suggest a different or more user-friendly product or service, as well as notify sales and marketing departments for personal services.

The best marketing methods for global markets

Whether you’re already an international brand with customers around the world, or a local brand ready for global business, WhatsApp Chat Bot can solve customer service problems in multiple languages, 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing your company to expand its operations to new markets without having to worry about doubling orders to be handled.

Cost savings

Implementing a full-function WhatsApp Chat Bot is much cheaper and faster than creating an app across platforms or hiring employees for each task.

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