WhatsApp Chat Bot and Chat Bot on the Web 2022

Chat Bot Services

In recent years, chat bot services have become very common tools for companies to enhance customer service and experience, if you are the owner of an e-commerce company looking to implement chat bot services for your business and want to learn more about the power and potential of automated chat software, you have reached the right place.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know the importance of chatbot on the web, how it differs from WhatsApp ChatBot, and the advantages and disadvantages of installing chatbot services for your online business.

What is chat bot on the web

Technically, chatbot on the web is a program powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and, more specifically, natural language processing (NLP), with the ability to interact seamlessly with customers in the form of chat.

They are able to understand the text by recognizing it, extrapolating it and then processing it to help query the user – all without the need for the intervention of a human agent.

Visually, it is the floating chat code you’re likely to encounter in the bottom right corner of the home pages of some e-commerce activities.

Chatbots on the web are usually equipped with pre-filled text, often related to the most common problems customers face, to allow for faster responses.

For the sole purpose of caring for customers and facilitating problem solving, they are also often called a customer service bot.

What is Chat Bot?

WhatsApp ChatBot is no different from chatbot on the web, meaning that:

  • Artificial intelligence works
  • It works like a chat
  • Its goal is to help visitors to the store/site by facilitating quick information

Visually, WhatsApp ChatBot is usually accompanied by a WhatsApp icon. However, the biggest (and perhaps most obvious) difference is that these chats will take place on WhatsApp itself.

What this means is that conversations with WhatsApp Chat Bot will eventually be redirected to WhatsApp – no matter where you started.

WhatsApp Chat Bot types

There are different ways to interact with WhatsApp Chat Bot, depending on how and where the client starts the conversation.

WhatsApp Chat button on Facebook and Instagram platforms

This happens when the company integrates WhatsApp with its Facebook and Instagram business accounts for quick management (which is easy to do because the three are under facebook’s empire).

When you do this, WhatsApp conversations on these pages can be started simply by implementing the WhatsApp chat button to urge customers to take action to click on it.

Clicking the button in the web browser opens WhatsApp on the web, and doing so on a mobile device will open the WhatsApp app (assuming it’s already installed on the device).

WhatsApp Chat Bot can also be accessed via ads on these two platforms.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot via website

WhatsApp Chat Bot can also be found on the business website and is usually on the home page.

Clicking the green button to start chatting opens a conversation using the registered WhatsApp number. In true chatbot style, we’ve filled out a pre-message that users are free to edit or send.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot directly via WhatsApp

Another way for users to interact with WhatsApp Chat Bot is via WhatsApp itself.

That’s when they take the initiative to send a WhatsApp message to a company, after keeping their number in their phone address book.

If your WhatsApp Business API is turned on, there must be clear options for the user to allow access to a human agent. This is very clearly mentioned in WhatsApp Business Policy.

Accessible as it is and certainly practical for any company, there are certain guidelines to adhere to when using WhatsApp Chat Bot.

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