How WhatsApp can increase your sales 2022


Does WhatsApp increase conversions and sales? If so, what are some actions companies can take as part of live chat sales technologies and general strategy? Here are the most important statistics for live chat on WhatsApp that all brands should be aware of.

Whether you run a small business or a large business, one of your business objectives is undoubtedly to increase sales and transfers.

E-mail marketing, content marketing, paid ads, and these social media are just a few of the traditional methods that form part of the growth strategies of many brands.

But in recent years, a new competitor has begun to emerge as a major sales and marketing tool: WhatsApp. There is no doubt that it is the most popular chat platform in the world. Along with the emergence of direct conversations, WhatsApp’s power to help expand the business cannot be overlooked.

This question then arises: Do direct conversations such as WhatsApp increase sales? And how?

To answer these questions and understand what WhatsApp’s impact on business conversions and sales, let’s take a look at the most important key statistics for live chat.

Important WhatsApp statistics

More than 2.5 billion Users on WhatsApp

The first and most important whatsapp live chat statistics to look at relate to how accessible they are. With 2.5 billion users worldwide, this represents about 32 percent of the world’s population.

Effectively, what that means is that companies are likely to reach a third of every person who walks the planet through WhatsApp alone, but realistically, that of course is not the case.

Apart from adhering to WhatsApp policies, which impose strict guidelines on businesses that send spam to consumers, simply using WhatsApp alone does not mean that you are automatically granted such access.

In addition, companies will have to provide a strong customer experience by leveraging features such as WhatsApp templates, e-commerce integration and more to encourage customers to interact with them on WhatsApp.

However, although it is highly unlikely that companies will be able to reach a third of the world, this whatsApp live chat statistic alone is enough to prove their prowess and impact.

WhatsApp customer conversion rate

Customers want to know that brands are accessible on WhatsApp. This means that providing customers with the option to communicate directly with your business via WhatsApp can do a lot to increase conversions.

According to an airline that used WhatsApp in its business, the number of new potential customers not only grew by 27 percent, but also last-minute sales increased by 20 percent.

In addition, communicating with its customers directly on WhatsApp has also allowed the airline to reduce the time needed to process a customer’s message to less than one minute – talk about the quality of customer support.

Growth in the use of live chat and WhatsApp Chat Bot

Live chats are moving towards becoming the new way for consumers to shop online. A recent Facebook poll showed that 40 percent of e-commerce buyers say they started shopping online because of chats.

Moreover, more than two-thirds of these online shoppers say they plan to increase or at least maintain their spending on e-commerce — highlighting the impact of direct chat support and WhatsApp Chat Bot on sales and transfers.

These statistics cannot be ignored, not by brands, particularly by WhatsApp, who will need to adapt to the growing demand for e-commerce.

In fact, Facebook’s parent company has announced that it will offer in-app purchases on WhatsApp, one of many changes it plans to make to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat Bot provides sales agent to perform the hardest tasks

Nearly four in ten consumers (38 percent) say they are more likely to buy from a brand that offers direct conversations as a potential channel of communication.

This is not surprising, given the convenient live chats offer. The quick nature of direct chats with WhatsApp Chat Bot means that customers can get answers to their questions and doubts immediately, which can boost transfers and sales.

The key here is to keep live chat response times and solution times, important measures of sales chat, to the lowest possible level.

Allowing customers to access you through direct conversations is one thing, but there’s something else entirely for them and responding to their queries immediately.

WhatsApp usage boosts customer loyalty

WhatsApp live chats do more than just turn targeted buyers into new customers. As it turns out, it does a good job of turning them into repeat customers.

Let’s put aside the well-known fact that keeping existing customers about five times cheaper, and take a look at some of the most telling live chat statistics: more than half of consumers say they’re more likely to continue buying from a brand that offers live chat support.

Being available on the world’s most popular chat app alone paints your brand as accessible. Besides high quality customer support for instant assistance, this enhances your brand image.

In addition, loyal customers not only bring in frequent purchases, but also referrals. This, in turn, increases the brand’s visibility and naturally leads to increased sales and transfers.

Does WhatsApp increase conversions and sales?

WhatsApp’s use in business already increases conversions and sales, but it must be done correctly.

Just offering customers an option to access you via WhatsApp alone won’t do much (if any) to increase transfers and sales, it should be combined with an improved customer experience and quality support to keep buyers happy and satisfied.

The growing popularity of e-commerce among consumers today also builds a case for companies to start investing in live chat support tools such as WhatsApp.

If you’re considering using WhatsApp to increase your business conversions and sales, the extent to which you’ll be able to do so depends on whether you’re using the free WhatsApp Business app or whatsapp Business API.

The app certainly has enough tools to get the job done. However, WhatsApp Business API comes with more advanced and customizable features that can help increase conversions and sales faster and faster.

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