WhatsApp Business API Guide to Usage and Integration

WhatsApp Business AbI

If you want to get whatsapp ecosystem for business, WhatsApp Business API is a must. Are you wondering if your company needs to use WhatsApp Business API? Why or why not? What is the status of whatsapp Business API ?

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at everything you want to know about WhatsApp Business API and how to use it. So stay in touch until the end to discover a variety of WhatsApp software providers. Everything fits different sizes and types of companies.

What is whatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API allows companies to access the WhatsApp communications platform through other programs that do not have a custom WhatsApp app.

With the help of whatsApp Business , you can send and receive WhatsApp messages through business communication software or CRM tools.

To access and use WhatsApp Business , other companies must apply directly to WhatsApp or work with a partner such as WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s partner has been officially identified as a business service provider (BSP). This is how WhatsApp connects your company’s current communications systems to whatsApp.

But before we get to WhatsApp Business , let’s take a look at other WhatsApp solutions and differences between them.

You may know whatsapp, you don’t have to offer it here. Let’s try to learn more about WhatsApp Business and whatsApp Business API.

While it’s limited to one user to manage all customer connections, WhatsApp Business has some exciting features such as:

  • Automatic welcome and office messages
  • Quick responses to facilitate frequent talks
  • Mark customer conversations to stay organized
  • Company file catalog and shopping cart feature to facilitate trading
  • WhatsApp Business is available for free in Android and Apple stores

There is no end user interface. Some features make them typical of integration with any internal or external system for managing customer calls on a large scale.

With WhatsApp Business API, companies can handle scalable customer conversations using chat bots and multiple agents.

Think of WhatsApp, any other commercial communication channel, provided in a specific format and created in third-party services to take advantage of the potential of these services.

WhatsApp offers the solution through whatsApp Business API, a line of code that can be integrated into a third-party messaging system or business application. Usage scenarios vary depending on the system in which they are integrated.

Use case for WhatsApp Business API

Use WhatsApp Business API in customer service

When the company integrates WhatsApp Business API into a WhatsApp Business solution, companies will be able to access:

• Chat Bot: Provides a self-service interface for customers that is supported by indicative flow or NLP. When it cannot handle the client’s intention, it is delivered to a human agent.

• Multi-person interface: The proxy controller helps distribute customer calls between support agents where they can communicate with customers at the same time.

Conversation management platforms such as WhatsApp are the perfect solutions designed as a WhatsApp business solution.

Send automatic notifications with WhatsApp Business API

You can integrate WhatsApp Business API with your systems to send rich media messages to your customers based on a specific player, a feature of traditional SMS notifications.

For example, when a customer buys from the e-commerce platform, he automatically receives the invoice via WhatsApp as well as the customer for the delivery site and date through WhatsApp messages.

How is WhatsApp Business API set?

It’s not easy to develop a complex and integrated solution like WhatsApp Business API for your business.

This process can be easier if you’re going to work through a WhatsApp partner and ask for help from their personal representatives.

When you set WhatsApp Business API through a WhatsApp partner or choose to do so within the company with your IT team, these are the usual steps for any WhatsApp Business API configuration.

The most important features and benefits of using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is a communication channel. However, we have seen a significant improvement in the terms of benefits provided by existing telephone, e-mail or personal media due to the possibility of integration, multimedia and asynchronous messages.

Increased sales:

When running a marketing campaign, whatsApp should restrict call center calls or landing pages. WhatsApp is a personal channel; it provides a higher conversion rate than unconverted fixed websites.

Increased customer satisfaction:

Provide 24/7 customer service through their favorite channel – the perfect customer experience. Allows customers to avoid call center queues. Mobile apps, on the other hand, can’t do much of the human involvement required.

Reduce the cost of customer interactions:

The analysis showed that a messaging agent can be more effective 3 to 5 times more effective than a call center agent and that WhatsApp Chat Bot can handle less than 30% of customer calls. When you add the low cost to WhatsApp, companies make significant cost savings compared to traditional call center settings.

WhatsApp Business API use is a real opportunity for non-online indigenous companies to capture the digital transformation in customer acquisition and customer service.

This new channel, along with the Customer Conversation Interaction Platform and the company’s desire to excel in the customer experience, will ensure a successful transformation. As usual, customers will receive credit for all adopters, and the collapse will threaten a company that will not be able to adapt in time.

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