WhatsApp Business ad features in 2022

WhatsApp Business Advertising

WhatsApp Business is a WhatsApp platform developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, sending more than 60,000 messages a day via WhatsApp. That’s why Meta created this corporate-oriented version. Customers are on WhatsApp, so companies should be there too.

So WhatsApp Business ad has positioned itself as one of the channels you can use for conversation strategies to acquire and retain users.

How to achieve sales with WhatsApp Business

You can sell on WhatsApp Business by creating targeted ads on the platform. You’ll want to create Click-to-WhatsApp ads, which are similar to another type of Facebook ad called Click-to-Messenger.

Facebook chat ads are one of the best tools you can use to integrate with the automation available on the platform.

These ads are different from traditional ads because they don’t move the user to a landing page or boring model, but they open a direct conversation with the user.

Combine this tool with chat bot to capture and redirect potential customers to the right section and upgrade your conversions like never before.

The ad must contain a statement urging the user to take action to start a WhatsApp conversation when the user clicks on it.

You must connect your WhatsApp line to Facebook so you can configure it from the WhatsApp Business app.

Ads may appear on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, and Search Section, as well as Facebook and Instagram stories.

How do you make the most of WhatsApp Business?

Some of the benefits you get when using WhatsApp Business include:

Develop a deeper relationship with your customers

Higher conversion rates

Get benefits with low marketing investment

You’ll get better sales because of the confidence you gain when working with a conversation tool.

What are the objectives of your WhatsApp campaign?

Before configuring your Click-to-WhatsApp Business ad campaigns, you must first set the marketing goal you offer to your marketing manager. These goals are divided into three groups, depending on where customers are in the marketing path:


Here you can choose a goal such as brand awareness or access as a goal, brand awareness will be useful if you need more people to realize your brand’s existence and keep it in the minds of users/customers, access goals will simply help you reach more people.


For the think tank, WhatsApp offers a variety of goals. You can build your campaign on the goal of traffic, sharing, installing the app, playing video, creating lists of potential customers, or messages, the goal of messages is easier on WhatsApp, because it simply requires users to start a conversation with your business.

If you have a technical product like an app, you’ll benefit more from installing the app or sharing goals.


This will focus the campaign on finding people who are likely to make a conversion. To achieve this, you have three available goals: conversions, sales catalog, or store visits.

You must choose one of these goals before you start your WhatsApp campaign.

Regardless of the ads you post on Facebook, we recommend that you advertise custom buttons on your pages and website so that your communication channel has more visibility and access to your WhatsApp.

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