How WhatsApp Bots Can Keep Your Customers

Chatbots are increasingly accepted by customers – they are available, responsive and quick to resolve issues. In fact, many studies have found that customers are often happy to deal with automated chat programs rather than waiting for direct customer service.

Moreover, in the right environment, chat robots can go a long way to building and developing your business: increasing sales and achieving brand loyalty.

WhatsApp is one of the best places for chatbot activity – for customers, WhatsApp is a reliable, highly personalized channel and conveniently available on the device they are likely to use all day: their phone.

What is WhatsApp Bots?

Most of us are already familiar with Chat Bots on the website – these comfortable assistants who help us with basic customer service questions directly on the company’s website. Using a combination of pre-programmed routines and artificial intelligence, website robots handle typical queries quickly and efficiently.

This proximity to your client brings a whole host of benefits – some commonly used in a large-scale automated chat program, others for WhatsApp chat programs.

How to take advantage of WhatsApp Bots in your business

The advantages of using WhatsApp chatbots software are broad and deep, so we’ll divide them into four broad categories: direct sales growth, brand building, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction.

First take advantage of whatsApp chatbots to increase sales:

  • Send offers to customers:

You can offer customers the option to buy during WhatsApp conversations – whether they’re resolving a product query, answering a test or looking for some product information.

WhatsApp sales incentives can include a special discount based on a quick purchase, or maybe the chance to get some free stuff if your customer answers a full test.

It can also include regular promotions sent directly to the customer’s WhatsApp, which are automatically routed and targeted closely using the automated chat software platform.

It’s a low-cost, efficient way to reach customers on their devices, and you can fully track your promotions, just like you do with email or online advertising.

  • Acquiring new customers:

WhatsApp is great for gaining new customers as well.

Instead of directing potential customers to your website or Facebook page, consider sending them directly to your WhatsApp chat program. Gives you the opportunity to use interactive and timed WhatsApp conversations intelligently to build awareness with your customers.

WhatsApp is in many ways a very personal way to interact with potential customers, and it’s certainly more personal than Google Ads or inbox relentlessly.

Your automated chat program can interact highly with potential customers, and start a conversation based on your browsing history – all in the right location for the user’s phone.

Secondly, take advantage of whatsApp chatbots in brand building:

Smart marketers will know how business growth is not just about focusing heavily on new sales. Strong brands attract customers and retain brand loyalty to customers.

WhatsApp’s chatbots’ personal nature makes this a perfect fit for brand building exercises.

  • Present your brand

When communicating with your customer on WhatsApp, remember: It’s not always about trying to make a hard and fast sale. Instead, use the chat capabilities of your WhatsApp chat program to build a relationship with a potential customer.

Think of it as a different way to market content – instead of publishing long blog articles, use interactive chat to get rid of useful parts like recipes or travel tips, or to post a fun test.

Promoting brand culture

You’ll know who your loyal customers are. WhatsApp can help you build very deep relationships with existing customers, encouraging continued sales and loyalty to your brand.

  • Take advantage of user-generated content

If you’re a WhatsApp user, you’ll know how easy it is to share content with other WhatsApp users.

Marketing providers will also know how powerful user-generated content is. Why not use your WhatsApp automated chat software to encourage user-generated content that you can use to build your brand?

Your WhatsApp Bot can encourage your customers to take a photo or upload a video that includes your product – or experience. Next, check out the content and share it with your other customers.

Third, take advantage of WhatsApp chatbots in brand building:

WhatsApp’s chatbots platforms are globally fantastic in driving efficiency and cost savings.

Reducing support costs

Dealing with routine queries such as “where my shipment is” or “why an item is missing” can easily absorb a large part of the time in the call center. These questions are frequent and predictable – the answers often lie in existing business data.

Chatbots can automatically answer many of these questions at a very low cost. It’s really simple: automated chat programs can be doubled indefinitely, so you can run countless simultaneous automated chat sessions – and there’s no need to pay automated chat programs an hour.

Increase employee productivity

You’ll probably have many highly experienced support agents who are often discovered trying to answer really simple queries.

Result: Customers with complex queries need an experienced agent who ends up waiting in long lines before getting the help they need.

Your Chatbot program on WhatsApp can help make support staff more productive by sponsoring more routine queries.

Result: Reduce employee spending, increase employee morale and less waiting time for customers.

Fourth, take advantage of whatsApp chatbots in customer happiness:

Chatbots and WhatsApp chatbots, in particular, are also an excellent way to enhance customer happiness. Personal, immediate and convenient: all WhatsApp robot qualities and common customer service features as well.

  • Send notifications at any time

Want to contact customers via email? Good luck with that. In contrast, WhatsApp’s notification is much more direct, and your customer is likely to see it. Why not? Because WhatsApp notifications are displayed in a very important place – the customer’s mobile device.

  • Customer service 24/7

For small businesses in particular, 24/7 customer support can be very expensive, while extended support hours will also be expensive.

Chatbots cannot handle all customer service requests, but WhatsApp can easily extend customer support hours.

  • Collect comments and reviews

Understanding what your customers think is the key to delivering improved products and services, and to stop growing problems from getting out of hand.

However, collecting these comments is difficult – customers can be reluctant to fill out site forms.

WhatsApp’s speed makes it easy to collect comments.

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