WhatsApp Bot, instead of designing a new app

WhatsApp Bot

WhatsApp Bot services are a major trend among companies. Some say WhatsApp Bot is a scientific future of customer-company communication as more WhatsApp Bot services emerge that help different companies do their job easier.

But why would WhatsApp Bot users prefer to design a new app for a company that can accomplish the same tasks? That is the question we will try to answer today.

Reasons why your business needs WhatsApp Bot instead of designing a new app

Customers don’t want to download a new app for their phone

People use applications to meet certain needs. Over the past years, app markets have been filled with all kinds of apps for shopping, travel, social networking, dating, delivery services, music, etc.

It’s good to have such a variety of apps, but according to recent statistics, people don’t download new apps as much as they used to, most have communication apps like WhatsApp and prefer to deal with companies in an app on their phone.

This does not mean that people have stopped using apps, or even that app downloads have generally declined. But we must realize that today there are applications already for almost everything and for everyone. Not many people feel the need for new apps in their lives.

So, when we think about developing a new application, we have to ask: Who really needs it? We know that people want to access information and perform tasks faster, but apps don’t always meet these desires.

For example, if you want to book a flight now, but don’t already have a proven travel app, you’ll first have to spend some time downloading an app. Users don’t want to download an app every time they book a trip, buy shoes from a new store, or want to read a new magazine. It’s uncomfortable to constantly switch between a range of apps on your mobile device.

But this is exactly where WhatsApp Bot shines, and you don’t need to download them, and can solve your problems with minimal hassle.

People use your favorite messaging app, WhatsApp, more than other types of apps

The easiest way to grow your online business and reach a larger audience is to connect with people where they already spend most of their time. To get an idea of what people are doing more on their mobile devices.

As we know, people use messaging programs more than social networks. Messaging apps have reportedly recently surpassed social networking applications in the number of monthly active users.

Time has changed, and messaging apps that were only used to exchange text messages and photos have turned into complete platforms with their developers, apps, and APIs. People around the world have begun to use messaging apps not only to chat, but also to interact with brands.

With WhatsApp Bot, your business can expand

WhatsApp Bot services can expand more easily than apps or websites. Let’s take a look at some scenarios. Imagine that you are a service provider, for example selling shoes online. Your customers often reach you via Google or Sushi Media platforms.

At first glance, it seems that it is not very difficult to chat with many customers at the same time and tell them all about your service. It’s very easy to chat with a group of people, just like you do with your friends and relatives every day.

WhatsApp Bot services simplify our smart device experiences because it’s much easier to handle a number of WhatsApp Bots compared to many applications.

WhatsApp Bot and Cost-Effectiveness

To develop an app for your business, you need to work with professional iOS and Android developers, and collaborate perfectly with a powerful UX designer. From the beginning of the project to the launch of your app, this process will take a lot of time and will cost you a large amount.

WhatsApp Bot services allow small businesses to provide their services efficiently, at lower costs than developing local applications. But even if larger companies have enough money to create a custom app, it’s still useful to think of a more economical and accessible alternative to WhatsApp Bot.

In addition to app development difficulties, apps must be tested and improved and then sent to app stores for approval before users can access your services. App maintenance can be very expensive and uncomfortable. Remember that applications require continuous investments to survive.

WhatsApp Bot Better Marketing and More Sales

WhatsApp Bot e-commerce services help you buy goods and services, WhatsApp Bot restaurants can help you order food, chatbot banking and business can handle your money, and book automated chat programs that can book hotels and flights.

WhatsApp Bot services can help you promote new sales or products by notifying all your customers. Posting on your website or Facebook won’t help you increase your participation much compared to sending the same message via email to all these customers.

WhatsApp Bot helps solve this problem by working as a personal assistant for each customer. When you first interact with WhatsApp Bot with customers, they collect information, so they can customize their responses. WhatsApp Bot helps customers choose products, process payment information, enter shipping addresses, and complete orders.

There is no need to spend huge amounts of time and money to meet the needs of the user. You can easily grow your business using the latest technology and satisfy customers. WhatsApp Bot services are evolving rapidly and are expected to increase the rate of development further and further. However, they already offer great potential to future-minded companies, both large and small.

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