What is the official WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

The official WhatsApp Business API is one of the most useful tools for integrating your connections. The API allows you to integrate WhatsApp with other tools or create automated processes for your communications.

In short, whatsapp Business API is a series of rules that developers use to integrate with other applications. As a result, if you connect an unincorporated app with the official API, this may block your WhatsApp account.

You can find detailed information about WhatsApp Business API documents on the Facebook developers page.

Now that you know what whatsApp Business API is, you’ll want to know what other tools you can integrate and why whatsApp integration will be good for you.

What is whatsApp Business API?

According to a Facebook survey, the use of messaging to contact companies has grown significantly, particularly in emerging markets.

Sevence percent of respondents in Brazil reported that communicating through the messaging app helped them feel more confident about the brand. Similarly, one in two people surveyed consider sending messages to be a modern way to communicate with companies.

This process, which began a few years ago, accelerated rapidly in 2020. This makes WhatsApp a necessary channel for companies to stay in touch with consumers and close sales.

Available features in the official WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API lets you expand WhatsApp features, as well as add new features available only with the official version.

WhatsApp Business API and integration with other tools

As the size of any business increases, it is necessary to use some forms of software to help organize incoming information, whether it’s managing leads, new customers, or contacting regular customers.

But they also apply them to organize all communication channels the company may have: Messenger, Instagram, whatsApp.

With the official WhatsApp Business API version, you will have the necessary permissions for information received via WhatsApp to be managed by your CRM or your customer service agents to respond to multiple contacts using the same account.

Distribution of information by WhatsApp Business API

The possibilities for outgoing messages are one of the main advantages offered by the official WhatsApp Business API. With this feature, you can create distribution groups to keep your customers up to date with the latest news about your business.

You can create a newsletter, send updates about changes, new products, new services, send catalogs, give alerts about medical shifts, and send surveys, among other things.

This allows you to place yourself in a more active role in communications and you don’t have to rely entirely on incoming contacts to send information. By being more present in your customers’ lives, you’ll be better involved as well as brand recognition.

Automating messages using the official WhatsApp Business API

One of the most important problems when it comes to improving customer service is the ability to respond to all incoming messages.

Since humans can only respond to many messages, and the customer service team has too many employees working on a specific schedule, it is impossible to respond to each message as soon as it comes in.

However, thanks to automation, it is possible to set up welcome and farewell messages for new messages. Or, if you want to get more progress, you can even implement chat bot that will be available to answer messages at all times.

With these features, you can digitize your business and be where your users are.

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