Ways to use WhatsApp Chat Bot to promote growth

WhatsApp Chat Bot and Customer Service

WhatsApp Chat Bot services are increasingly accepted by customers – they are available, responsive and quick to solve things. In fact, many studies have found that customers are often happy to deal with chatbots rather than direct agents.

Moreover, in the right environment, WhatsApp Chatbot services can go a long way in building and growing your business: increasing sales and generating brand loyalty.

WhatsApp is one of the best places for chatbot activity – for customers, WhatsApp is a reliable, highly personal channel and conveniently available on the device they’re likely to use all day: their phone.

In this article, we explain how WhatsApp Chat Bot can keep your customers happy and increase sales directly. In addition, WhatsApp Chat Bot also promotes brand loyalty while also saving costs.

What is Chat Bot?

Most of us are already familiar with chatbots on the website – these comfortable assistants who help us answer basic customer service questions directly on the company’s website.

Using a combination of pre-programmed actions and artificial intelligence, chatbot web services handle typical queries quickly and efficiently.

WhatsApp Chat Bot services are similar in nature, but instead of hiding on a website, WhatsApp Chat Bot is right on the device we all love – our mobile phone.

This brings many advantages: WhatsApp Chat Bot is more personal, more accessible and more present.

This proximity to your customer brings a whole range of benefits – some of which are widely shared in chatbots, some for WhatsApp Chat Bot services.

How WhatsApp Chat Bot Can Benefit Your Business

The benefits of using WhatsApp Chat Bot are broad and profound, so we’ll divide them into four general categories: direct sales growth, brand building, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction.

Increase revenue with WhatsApp Chat Bot

Chatbot on your customer’s mobile device is a great way to increase your sales profits, and there are plenty of strategies you can pursue to help you make the most of WhatsApp Chat Bot services.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot for sales incentives

You can offer customers the option to buy during WhatsApp conversations – whether they’re querying a product, answering a test or looking for some product information.

WhatsApp sales incentives can include a special discount based on quick purchase, or maybe the chance to get some free goodies if your customer responds to the test fully.

It can also include regular promotions sent directly to the customer’s WhatsApp, automatically and closely oriented using your chatbot system.

It’s a low-cost, efficient way to reach customers on their devices, and you can fully track your promotions, just like you do with email or online advertising.

Refer to abandoned whatsApp chat bots

It’s frustrating for business activities, but customers often back off when shopping – abandoning their carefully selected shopping cart because they’re distracted or unable to complete payment or anyone for other reasons.

With WhatsApp Chat Bot, you can give your customers an easy way to resume their shopping cart, keep or even add the items they need. Just send a quick WhatsApp message as soon as it becomes clear that the shopping cart has been abandoned.

Instant WhatsApp provides an excellent opportunity to ensure that customers successfully complete their shopping task.

Offers across the product lifecycle

Many products include additional purchases over time, whether it’s an upgrade or an important accessory. You already have data on what your customer has bought, so why not use this data to ask your customers to continue shopping based on a product they’ve already purchased?

Yes, you can launch offers during the product life cycle by intelligently sending temporary emails, but while ignoring email easily, it’s best for you to use WhatsApp Chat Bot to exploit the product’s life cycle.

It also works with expendable products – just test your customer’s WhatsApp connection to ask them if they need to increase the balance, all using an affordable and scalable WhatsApp Chat Bot.

Gain new customers

Instead of directing potential customers to your website or Facebook page, consider sending them directly to your WhatsApp Chat Bot services. Gives you the opportunity to use intelligently interactive and timed chatbot conversations to build awareness with your customers.

In many ways, WhatsApp is a very personal way to interact with potential customers, and certainly much more private than Google Ads or relentless inbox.

WhatsApp Chat Bot can interact with your very smart bot with potential customers, and start a conversation based on your browsing history – all in the right location for your user’s phone.

Building a brand with the help of WhatsApp Chat Bot

Smart marketers will know how business growth is not just about focusing heavily on new sales. Strong brands attract customers and retain brand loyalty to customers.

The personal nature of WhatsApp chatbot makes this a perfect fit for brand building exercises.

Introduce your brand via WhatsApp Chat Bot

When you contact your customer via WhatsApp, remember: It’s not always about trying to make a difficult and fast sale. Instead, use the chat capabilities of your WhatsApp Chat Bot services to build a relationship with a potential customer.

Think of it as a different way to market content – instead of posting long articles in the blog, use interactive chat to give up useful parts like recipes or travel tips, or to post a fun test.

In essence, WhatsApp is a great way to feed information about your brand.

Promoting brand culture

You’ll know who your loyal customers are. WhatsApp can help you build very deep relationships with existing customers, encourage continued sales and loyalty to your brand.

How to? Your WhatsApp Chat Bot takes advantage of the deep knowledge of your customers who are already staying on your business systems to start conversations automatically, it’s very customized: whether it offers relevant and timely advice or a complementary product offer.

Give loyalty programs a boost

Customers love loyalty programs – who doesn’t like to get free things, right? But there is one problem with loyalty programs: membership can pass quickly and quickly forget.

WhatsApp interactions are a great way to get rid of it.

For example, your WhatsApp Chat Bot can notify the customer immediately when they earn loyalty points, or when their points are enough to get a bonus. Or use your Smart Chat Bot WhatsApp capabilities to interest in your loyalty program.

Use content from creating users

If you’re a WhatsApp user, you’ll know how easy it is to share content with other WhatsApp users.

Marketers will also know how powerful user-generated content is. Why not use WhatsApp Chat Bot to encourage user-generated content that you can use to build your brand?

WhatsApp Chat Bot can encourage your customers to take a shot or upload a video that includes your product – or experience. Next, check out the content and share it with your other customers, it’s a great way to build your brand.

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