Ways to increase sales with WhatsApp Chat Bot

WhatsApp Chat Bot

How can WhatsApp Chatbot help increase e-commerce sales? What kind of e-commerce integration do you offer? On this topic, take a look at the most important ways you can take advantage of WhatsApp e-commerce to grow your business online.

Due to the huge access to WhatsApp (2 billion users worldwide), the ability to communicate with buyers, market and sell your products, and ultimately grow an e-commerce business on the platform is certainly one that should not be overlooked.

Since millions of companies already use WhatsApp Chat Bot to serve customers, it’s now time to integrate WhatsApp into your e-commerce business strategy or risk losing your competitors.

Important ways to increase sales with WhatsApp Chat Bot

Install the WhatsApp chat button on your e-commerce page and integrate it with WhatsApp Chat Bot

The use of WhatsApp chatbot e-commerce, despite its strength, remains a relatively difficult strategy. This is particularly mindless of the fact that e-commerce (or online shopping) can be traced back half a century.

However, it is safe to say that the vast majority of consumers will continue to browse products on your own website. To take advantage of those eyes and direct them towards WhatsApp, install the WhatsApp chat button on your e-commerce page.

This not only opens a direct channel of communication between you and your customers, but is also faster and more convenient, and WhatsApp Chat Bot will help you respond quickly to the customer, increasing sales.

Clicking the button will open either a WhatsApp web chat (if they’re using a browser) or redirect them to WhatsApp chat with you on the WhatsApp app itself (if they’re using their smartphones). The latter will allow them to continue chatting with you even as they move.

Moreover, an added benefit is to customize the WhatsApp chat button for your brand image to enhance the brand.

Add the WhatsApp button to your Facebook business page

As one of the most popular e-commerce marketing platforms, you’ll surely lose by not adding the WhatsApp chat button to your Facebook Business page as well as your e-commerce page.

In addition, the fact that it is the parent company of WhatsApp means that its preparation and management process is integrated and easy.

Adding the WhatsApp chat button is not the only way to direct your Facebook audience to WhatsApp. You can also create Facebook ads that click directly on WhatsApp.

If your e-business is targeted at adults between the ages of 25 and 49, it helps move users to a familiar environment immediately as WhatsApp usage is the highest among this age group.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot in e-commerce

One of the best features of WhatsApp Chat Bot is the ability to automate your customer service messages.

This helps cover periods when there are no 24-hour customer service agents, such as during lunch hours or hours outside the office in this way, your customers can still interact with your business and get the information they need in a timely manner.

With WhatsApp Chat Bot e-commerce, you can customize your responses according to the content of the message (keywords used) and the type of message (emoji or stickers). In response, WhatsApp Chat Bot can respond using text, images, documents, or a combination of these.

Provide first-class customer service using WhatsApp Chat Bot

Another way to take advantage of WhatsApp in the e-commerce business is to put customer service at the forefront of your e-commerce strategy.

That’s why you want to make sure that existing customers are as happy and satisfied with your service as possible. To do this, you should be prepared to move forward when providing e-commerce customer support on WhatsApp.

Apart from making yourself available 24/7 and responding to queries or complaints quickly, you also want to make the entire shopping experience with you as frictionless as possible.

This means informing them of inventory updates, providing delivery tracking, sending receipts via WhatsApp Chat Bot, etc.

Use WhatsApp motivational messages to increase interaction

You don’t just have to provide a problem-free WhatsApp experience with e-commerce customers, but you also want to aim to keep your communications as simple and shared as possible.

The way to achieve both at the same time is to use interactive WhatsApp messages.

It’s one of the latest features WhatsApp has provided in an effort to improve communication (and enhance transactions) for companies – e-commerce or otherwise.

These interactive messages allow you to mark quick responses with one click and urge action in your messages to buyers to facilitate conversation and engagement.

In the case of quick responses, your customers can respond with the right answer with just one click, instead of having to open the keyboard and write. This saves time and energy and is a great solution for buyers who are constantly moving around.

Using phrases that urge the user to take action in WhatsApp messages, you can increase interaction with your customers by directing them to take action they can take advantage of.

As an added feature, you can also track these messages to see how well they are performing and make any adjustments needed to enhance participation.

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