Using artificial intelligence in customer service

Artificial intelligence and customer service

We eagerly await customers’ access to our online store, and here comes the role of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in customer service that helps ask questions or suggestions about the product. You welcome visitors and start a dialogue with the user by asking specific questions about their preferences.

Thanks to innovative technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports companies in communicating with customers. If the customer has a question about their products, they contact customer service and expect to receive a quick and friendly, competent answer.

Using artificial intelligence for conversation by using WhatsApp Chat Bot, a form of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, companies can significantly increase the efficiency and quality of customer service and turn potential and interested customers into existing customers or already buyers.

Find out everything you need to know about the possible uses of AI for conversation in customer service and the benefits you offer in this article.

Possible uses of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in customer service

The faster the communication, the better, the greater customer satisfaction through interactive artificial intelligence

Customer expectations are high

The constant availability of companies is almost taken for granted, and communication speed plays a key role in satisfying customers. Response time has become a critical success factor in customer support. With the help of artificial intelligence for conversation in customer service using WhatsApp Chat Bot, long waiting times have become a past, as customers receive immediate responses to their individual requests – regardless of working hours.

Even if WhatsApp Chat Bot cannot provide the answer, notification that someone will be interested in the problem in due course shows customers that they are taking care of them, positively affecting their satisfaction. WhatsApp Chat Bot works as a virtual assistant that provides immediate and available answers at any time. Using digital tools, companies can extend their service hours and provide customer support independently of time and location.

Individual communication with many customers

Customers can only handle a certain number of tasks at the same time, and this also applies to customer inquiries. No matter how skilled and motivated customer support staff are, simultaneous customer communication is limited.

Communicating in chat with standard SMS messages is possible with a maximum of three to four customers, while only one conversation per customer can be achieved on a phone call. On the other hand, WhatsApp Chat Bot can connect with many customers simultaneously, without sacrificing the quality of the service. Even if the number of customer queries increases, both response time and quality of communication remain consistently high. By evaluating keywords within seconds, WhatsApp Chat Bot can respond immediately to the customer’s query. Create personal communication with many customers at the same time.

And let the method of copying, pasting and using WhatsApp Chat Bot

When it comes to customer support, the majority of service requests are frequent and queries about products, opening hours, shipping options, or purchases are often similar or identical. This is stressful for customer service staff because answering FAQs does not require emotional intelligence, talent or skills.

The integration of ai for conversation using WhatsApp can address this situation and take on repetitive tasks as a virtual colleague. WhatsApp’s Artificial Intelligence enables Chatbot to act as a communication person by having a real linguistic dialogue. Responds to pre-selected FAQs in a fully automated manner. Agents therefore save valuable time, be able to focus on more complex and difficult customer queries, and can provide the best service to their customers.

Active customer interaction thanks to ai for conversation

Each company wants to interact with potential customers and turn them into customers through appropriate communications and information, but often all you find on the home pages is a standard communication model, passively waiting for the customer to take the first step.

WhatsApp Chatbot increases customer interaction by initiating an active dialogue with visitors on the website. Customer inquiries and immediate assistance are handled by directing visitors to the information they are looking for. WhatsApp Chat Bot guides visitors step by step through topic suggestions, suggests appropriate products based on the answers provided, or deals with customer questions.

With each customer query, conversation AI collects valuable data that is analyzed and evaluated. The target group’s needs can therefore be better identified and focused on customer service today and in the future. Customer data is transmitted directly to third-party systems (such as CRM systems) and supports agents by responding quickly to customer requests and identifying alternative courses of action. Both the company and AI learn to chat with each interaction and therefore continue to improve.

Convenient customer connectivity – fast, simple and direct

The future is becoming increasingly digital. For many customers, it is preferable to communicate online with the company and expectations about response time and flexibility are constantly increasing. It is impossible to respond to all service requests quickly, personally and efficiently.

Conversation AI provides the best possible improvement to customer service and personal responses to customer requests. According to reports, about two-thirds of customers will already use a digital assistant to get help with travel bookings, and almost half prefer WhatsApp chatbot to serve customers, a trend that is increasing.

In particular, the younger generation has become accustomed to virtual customer service and will increasingly move away from companies that do not provide this personal service.

The use of innovative tools such as WhatsApp Chat Bot from WhatsApp and artificial intelligence for customers shows that the company adapts to constant changes in their environment and constantly adapts to the needs of its customers.

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