Use WhatsApp Chat Bot to promote your business

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot to promote your business

Instant messaging is a vital part of our daily lives, and WhatsApp is certainly at the forefront of these messages. WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users, with nearly 100 billion messages sent daily. It is also the preferred messaging app for many countries around the world.

Besides communications, WhatsApp is also a vital tool for many companies. Many retail stores use it to better communicate with their customers and help their business activities. If you want to form deeper relationships with your customers more efficiently as a commercial owner, using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Chat Bot for sales is something you should consider.

Why should you use WhatsApp Chat Bot for sales?

At first, using WhatsApp Chat Bot for sales may seem an unusual proposition for some. But it actually makes a lot of sense. WhatsApp’s integration of sales and business activities helps build personal contact with customers.

When customers contact a store for information, they usually face an email or customer service hotline, which can take hours or even days to answer their questions. But with instant messaging systems like WhatsApp Chatbot, they can connect with the company in the same way they talk to a friend.

Let’s put yourself in your customers’ place for a second. Imagine finding a great pair of shoes in an online store, or you found a store you’d like to visit. Of course, you want to ask more about offers. Without instant messaging, you might want to email them, find a “Contact us” page and maybe wait a few days.

This is where WhatsApp Chat Bot comes in. With this, you can now text your store of your choice immediately, and you can expect an answer within hours or even minutes.

Simply by typing the name of the store or product, you may get an answer immediately. For business owners, you can find out that someone has contacted you immediately, so you can communicate with them easier than ever before.

With this human touch, customers will feel more willing to buy while being more receptive to you as a company. Since people spend three hours on their mobile phones on average daily, integrating WhatsApp Chat Bot as a sales channel is a great way to sell.

However, companies often face four common problems when integrating and expanding WhatsApp.

Limited simultaneous logins

Sales team members often have only one set of login details, which means that only one person can sign in simultaneously. One additional person can technically work on the web version of WhatsApp, but this still limits the number to two.

Manual customer management

Team members need to reach customers manually. It may require someone to manually mark customers and then copy and paste messages on their behalf. This is not only very stressful, but also prone to error. Imagine the shock to you and your customers if you send a message to the wrong person or at the wrong time.

Quality control problems

Managers and business owners are often unable to monitor conversations to ensure quality. Because instant messaging is part of the company’s official communication tools, mastering basics, such as style and spelling, is critical. But scrolling through many messages and making sure that everyone uses the same tone can become confusing and complex.

Keep customer lists

Because contacts are mostly saved in the sales representative’s mobile phone, companies may find it difficult to keep customers. When the salesperson leaves, he or she can take all contacts with him.

All these problems have a simple solution, which is to use WhatsApp Chat Bot from WhatsApp. Use smart routing rules and targeted campaign messages to simplify sales, customer support, and marketing workflows while integrating with all platforms to easily organize a customer’s journey.

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