Use chatbot to increase direct bookings in real estate

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Chatbot services to increase direct booking in hotels and apartments are a great opportunity to increase direct booking. In addition, at the moment of booking, Chatbot can provide tourist services on what to do or how to get to the hotel.

Hotels often prioritize direct bookings, as they tend to achieve wider profit margins and greater public control. Many hotel owners are therefore keen to explore new ways to encourage guests to book directly, and chatbot services have emerged as one of the best options.

Tips for increasing direct bookings with conversation robot

Chatbot can help increase direct bookings, but it should be used in the right ways.

Chat bot integration with your booking engine

Integrating your chatbot with your booking engine can help increase direct bookings by making the booking process more convenient.

Although the availability of existing rooms can be found directly through the hotel’s website, some visitors prefer to make it easier to use the chat tool that is able to provide this information on request.

When chatbot is fully integrated with the booking engine, users will be able to request information about room availability on the dates they have chosen within the chat itself.

The chat tool can then redirect them to the booking engine to complete their booking. Any questions they have can also be answered through chatbots, which means that users will not need to click on your website to find information. This means you avoid the risk of being side-tracked.

Increase direct booking with chat bot

Currently, hotels are struggling day by day to increase their direct bookings in favor of online travel agency bookings (OTAs). To achieve this, hotels are preparing promotions and discounts on their website. The aim is to attract more users and make a reservation on their website.

In addition to this type of promotion, you can encourage the purchase of other accommodation services. This can be done through chatbot.

Chatbot services to increase direct booking are an ideal tool to help hotels in their battle with OTAs. First, you should install chatbot on your place of residence’s website.

Then, when a potential customer visits your website, a chat window will appear in the bottom right corner of the website to help. The simple fact that chatbot helps can get the user to start a conversation, and you can find out why they visit your website.

Use chat bot as a marketing tool

Chatbot connectivity across platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp can enhance your marketing efforts, while providing greater customization to guests.

Using chatbots in this way, you can encourage direct bookings and also collect the type of information that can be useful for providing personalized hotel services, or send personalized marketing messages to individual travelers. This approach can also open up cross-selling and additional sales opportunities.

For example, chatbot can detect information from a customer about the type of trip they want and then provide a direct link, through WhatsApp, to complete the booking.

After the guest arrives, the collected information can be used to send instant notifications to their phones, complete with recommendations based on their preferences.

So, for example, your chatbot may have gotten information about a guest. Payment notices can then promote your hotel spa or recommend local attractions.

When all this is in the right place, you won’t only have created a direct booking, but will also provide the customer with a personal experience, making repeat visits more likely as well.

How do customers go about booking with chat bot?

Among the different options’ chatbot can offer when a potential customer starts the conversation, are discounts and special offers. The potential customer can check availability and price through the chat window. They only have to choose the dates of entry and exit to start the booking process.

Once this is done, different rooms will be offered to them at their own prices. In chat, you display not only text, but also photos. Video tours of facilities, including menus, better room photos or comments from former guests, can be offered.

It’s also a good way to boost passing sales and increase customer configuration. The aim is to provide the option of booking a transfer to the hotel, late check-out or even a massage.

Chat is something we do every day, so taking advantage of chatbot services is a great opportunity to guide the user in the booking process in a simple and natural way.

Chat Bot and answer quick questions

We go a bit of time and need immediate answers to decide on the choice of purchase. So, what’s better than offering your guests what they want when they want it? This is only possible with chatbot, where the answers are automatic.

Instead of contacting the receptionist or the web call phone, the guest will write to Chatbot to answer their questions. The property must only configure the answers, and chatbot will resolve queries without human intervention.

It can also answer in different languages and at the same time from different parts of the world. The sat bot can notify customer service staff in case of a problem.

Remove the language barrier for guests

It is impossible for hotels to employ enough staff to communicate in all languages, which can make communication very difficult with some potential customers.

However, chatbots based on NLP can remove this barrier and attract direct bookings by communicating with the user’s preferred language.

This technology can then be used in your hotel as well. Even if the receptionist is unable to understand and communicate with the guest effectively, Chatbot will be able to handle the interaction and is likely to translate for both parties as well, making the customer’s entire journey smoother for many of your foreign guests.

Chat Bot and its importance in avoiding problems

Chat Bot is also a channel where guests can communicate with any problem that occurs within the property. For example, if a hotel has a problem, such as the air conditioner is disabled, they can submit this report. They will only have to indicate the room number and the problem in question.

Quick responses to questions

Artificial intelligence-backed chatbots can boost your direct bookings by answering FAQs immediately, and providing invaluable clarification on any problem a user might consider while considering booking a room at your hotel. This can make the decision much easier, resulting in increased demand for rooms.

FAQs about check-in and departure times, breakfast time, or how to book different hotel services do not actually require human participation, because they have clear and definitive answers.

By automating chatbot, questions will be answered quickly, customers will be more satisfied, and your customer service staff will benefit, as they will have fewer customer inquiries to work through.

Best of all, if necessary, chatbot informs hotel staff that a human touch is required, resulting in a smooth customer experience, even if their questions become more complex. However, you can expect that automated customer service regulation will be about 70 percent of each conversation, significantly reducing the need for intervention.

Chatbot services offer many advantages, increase customer loyalty, improve guest rating, provide new revenue streams, and free up hotel staff.

However, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to provide immediate and natural responses, at the right moment, leading to more direct bookings.

It’s a very convenient way for the customer to report the problems they encounter without having to go down to the front desk.

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