Trends for customer service should be part of your strategy

Customer Service

The ERA of the COV epidemic showed us that consumers were using the Internet to look for better and safer ways to deal with companies. This shift in behavior means that customer service is more important now than ever, and organizations must change the way they look at the job from now on.

Customer service should be an important part of each company’s growth strategy. Here are some key customer service trends that we believe companies should take into account when developing a growth and development strategy.

The most important trends for customer service that should be part of your development strategy

Customer service goes beyond our customer service team

What many companies may not realize as a fact is that everyone within the organization has an impact on customer service. It is not only those who talk to customers (customer service agents) who are responsible for how customers see the company and how satisfied they are with the service provided.

The legal section, for example, is responsible for ensuring that there are legitimate and reasonable terms and conditions, while the Human Resources Section needs to ensure that people are employed and empowered with the right skills and expertise to reflect corporate values, etc.

If you want to win abroad, start from the inside. Achieving great customer service and customer experience is impossible without a customer-centric organization – and it’s up to the leadership to actively and continuously build on this culture.

Lines are not linked between sales and customer service

Customer service agents play an increasingly important role in the sales process. They are often the first point of contact for customers, so putting these customers on hold or passing them from one department to another is avoidable.

Provide agents with the right knowledge to deal with customers from a sales point of view, so they can answer questions immediately and help customers without delay – within one contact.

However, it is important to remember that sales and customer service are still different fields, and finding a balance between the two is critical to the overall customer experience. You don’t want to be too urgent while connecting to the service, it can lead to a negative experience.

If customer service is great, it will lead to more happy customers, more sales and more profits. However, it should not be the main goal of the customer service department.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot in customer service

WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging platform, with more than 2 billion users in 180 countries. This means that WhatsApp is likely to allow you to access to more than a quarter of the world’s total population, and there is no conversation platform that provides you with a similar range and size.

Moreover, the number of people you can communicate with via WhatsApp literally increases every day, with more than 1 million people registering on the platform every day. It’s the third most downloaded app in the world, which means you’re more likely to be using your current or potential customers.

WhatsApp enables you to engage customers at every step of your purchase journey and beyond. It is a very effective channel for customer acquisition. Offers a range of options to deal with customers on the app and increase sales. It allows your brand to provide seamless after-sales support and help promote long-term engagement and loyalty.

Balance between speed and quality

Some sites analyzed 107 million support interactions and found that speed was the most important factor for improving customer satisfaction. Not being fast enough will frustrate customers.

With the advent of digital transformation, customers expect all companies to provide quick customer service – this expectation has become a new standard and companies have no choice but to absorb this, likely all WhatsApp chatbots are used in customer service.

If you want to enter quality into the equation, how are they all collected? Speed is very important for customer satisfaction, but if you want to turn customers into permanent customers and business ambassadors, speed alone is not enough. It is also important to be able to form an emotional connection with the customer by giving them an experience they will remember.

The role of technology in customer service

Digital transformation has led to many technical innovations that can significantly improve the way customer service is delivered. For example, companies with a global customer base may not be able to be available 24/7 to all their customers.

In order to be able to provide service within non-working hours, the company may integrate artificial intelligence, chatbot and automation services into its customer service strategy.

This not only helps customers solve their problems, but also provides customer service agents with the right context in case the customer still needs to talk to a direct agent. In this way, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE can facilitate more proactive activity from human agents, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Now that more companies have adopted these new technologies and more customers are finding their way into digital customer service, the amount of actual human contact between companies and their customers has decreased dramatically.

This means that each contact becomes of great value, so when your agents actually talk to a customer, make sure they know this is the moment to make a difference. So empower your agents and give them room to make that difference.

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