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WhatsApp Chat Bot

As technology evolves, there are opportunities for brands and consumers to interact. One of the most common methods is to use WhatsApp Chat Bot. With the advent and ease of use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), WhatsApp Chat Bot services now provide functional and even recreational experiences for users.

The challenges are creating chat bots. Pre-programming can be very simple to provide specific answers to specific questions such as FAQ elements – chat bot captures specific keywords and then provides a specific answer.

The most complex aspect of whatsapp chatbot ‘revolution’ is to include artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to learn on its own through NLP and become more complex and personalized in its responses.

However, every company that wants to implement WhatsApp Chat Bot must start with whatsapp chatbot initial text and provide as much variation as possible in user questions or comments. Here are some tips for writing whatsapp chatbot text, on the grounds that it won’t be perfect at first.

Secret tips for writing the perfect WhatsApp ChatBot script

Submit WhatsApp Chat Bot to your customers

Let your chat bot present itself. When it does, a personal connection is created more than the beginning. This will be the easiest part of your WhatsApp Chat Bot text, because it won’t include embedded intelligence or learning. Be as creative as possible.

The importance of designing the chatbot interface at first

Because these interfaces play a key role in our lives, they must be easy to use. Imagine how frustrating it would be if all your apps one day stopped working.

Now, here’s the problem – there are many, many WhatsApp Chat Bot services that continue to offer a service like this. So why not design more user-friendly interfaces?

We have to remember that one of the most important ways in which humans learn to interact with the world is through conversation. The user interface for conversation is about providing access to information.

Information leads technology and culture, and we can’t get enough of it. That’s why the internet age has radically transformed: for the first time, an individual’s access to information has become almost unlimited.

The basic questions no longer revolve around how to obtain and share information, but how to consume it, prioritize it and put it in context now that it is within our reach.

The most natural way for us to convey our information, our culture, is to talk to each other and ask questions. This is what the user interface of the conversation strives to replicate in essence. If done correctly, the chat user interface can do something incredible. While most of us are ashamed to ask questions to others, the user interface removes this barrier and allows anyone to ask without making a judgment.

Provide instructions to the user

Users need some initial instructions on how to use your WhatsApp Chat Bot, so it should be included in your WhatsApp Chat Bot text.

Your WhatsApp Chat Bot should be very clear about the types of things a user can do through your WhatsApp Chat Bot. Remember that you need to choose these guidelines and make them easy to access by people. You can definitely add additional instructions as you move forward, depending on how sophisticated you want to become your chat bot.

Right now, you want to explain exactly how someone can use your WhatsApp Chat Bot, and your script should do so in very simple terms. Guidelines such as, “You can write any questions you have here,” “If you need someone directly, click here” or “To see our full existing information, select this box.

Suggest options

This is one of the most important parts of your WhatsApp Chat Bot text, because it’s where you can ask for more details, recommendations for upgrades, etc.

This is where the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning becomes important. It can select and link topic parts together, providing options based on the history of that user or other users.

Most of us have tried options commonly used by chat bot for food and restaurants, once you apply, this robot offers spice options and suggestions for additional items.

Use conversational language

This has to work without explaining it. No one wants to chat with a human being, or via WhatsApp Chat Bot, which uses complex vocabulary and complex sentence combinations. Be as talk-to-talk as possible while keeping your brand and audience’s voice in mind.

Add emotional attraction

If you know your target audience, you’ll know what they’ll find funny, inspiring or emotionally satisfying. While WhatsApp Chat Bot script may not be able to add emotional appeal in each specific interaction, it should do so whenever possible. Something as simple as a “great choice” etc.

Include the right level of customization

If you know your customers and their typical needs, you can program whatsapp chat bot script to predict the questions they’ll ask or the specific problem solutions they need. This is the first basic step towards customization.

After that, you should be sure that you speak your client’s language. Obviously, if you have an international audience, you’ll need language options.

Be a little fun. If you can use emojis and gifs in chats, for example, users will remember you. If you can add a puzzle or something fun, if appropriate.

Of course, whatsApp chat bot can be programmed to remember the names of returning users and process them by their names. If they buy an item in the past, ask them how much they like it. This gives a much more “sense” of human conversation.

Language audit

It can’t be emphasized enough. You never know who might engage in a conversation with your WhatsApp Chat Bot, and spelling, grammar and other language errors can be a big appeal to many. Gives the impression that you don’t care enough to pay attention to detail. They may be treated the same way.


Once your WhatsApp Chat Bot text is complete (at least until this first launch point), review it frequently. Look at every item, every part of the words, every phrase, every sentence.

Is there any way you can simplify what you’ve made? Can the whole sentence be reduced to just a phrase? Can the full phrase be reduced to just a few words? Remember that consumers want answers and conversations, but they want brevity as well.

Would your initial WhatsApp Chat Bot text be perfect? No. Is it going to be complete? No, but the beauty of this technique is that the more you learn and the smarter your WhatsApp Chat Bot becomes through techniques such as cognitive graphs, it will continue to review and improve.

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