Tips to market your business through WhatsApp

Did you know that there are more than 1 billion active users on WhatsApp? And more than a million new users sign up every day? Maybe it’s time to think about marketing on WhatsApp.

Although social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn are gaining more attention due to their vibrant nature as the number of users increases with every minute that passes.

However, we cannot deny the fact that 1.5 billion monthly active users around the world represent a high probability of using WhatsApp in marketing.

Tips and tricks to market your business through WhatsApp

What is whatsApp and its current uses?

WhatsApp is a chat app and has amazing versions, based on the phone used. It also allows the user to use WhatsApp on MAC and Windows once successfully installed in the user’s phone with a simple QR scan.

Once you download and install the app, you are asked to confirm your country and enter your phone number. To set up your profile, you can either import or manually control your Facebook information, which can be adjusted to user convenience.

WhatsApp connects phone numbers from your phone’s contact list and keeps your WhatsApp contact updated.

WhatsApp is used in three ways to share information, visual, audio, and messages.

  • Individual Chat: As the name suggests, you can chat directly with the current user in your phone’s contact list. The latest additions to this chat engine are video calls and voice messages, which customize and improve emotional communication.
  • Group: You can create a group in WhatsApp and send messages with up to 256 people at a time, sharing messages, photos, voice messages and videos.
  • Broadcast lists: Broadcasting any messages on WhatsApp will help your contact see the message as a standard message; however, it has a limit of 256 contacts.

Why is WhatsApp the best for marketing?

One of the best reasons to use WhatsApp is your contact, and your friend’s contact and friend’s friend are already using WhatsApp! Unlike other social networking sites that seek permissions and promote access to a specific audience at a cost, WhatsApp is free.

Nielsen’s latest Facebook Messaging Questionnaire showed that the majority of users are more willing to expect business promotion and chat messages than the Facebook home page or other social networking sites.

This proves that WhatsApp has a great ability to reach a specific audience in a very personal and unique way, and is cost-effective, what your employer can want more! 98% of messages, broadcasts and status are open and read within 3 seconds of receipt.

Tips and tricks to market your business through WhatsApp

  • First advice: status

Be sure to constantly remind your contact of your work and purpose by updating your status with relevant business quotes, ads, events, promotions and even linking videos posted on other social media sites.

Make the status sentence so short, weird and attractive that the public wants to share it with their contacts.

  • Second advice: profile:

Make sure your WhatsApp profile picture is either your business logo or a business-related image. According to the latest survey conducted in the Middle East and Africa, most people check profile photos and status messages more than check actual messages, and it’s always easy to draw the public’s attention if the image and situation are vibrant and unique.

If you’re a WhatsApp Business user, you can add information such as an address that can be viewed directly on Google Maps within the business category, and working hours. You can also get the option to add an email address and website URLs as well.

  • Third advice: welcome and exit message

Using WhatsApp’s new business app, we can set the Welcome and Away message, which will run automatically.

When a customer sends you a message for the first time or after 14 days of inactivity, you can set the app to automatically send you a dedicated welcome message. Similar to the Welcome Messages feature, you can also set a remote message on WhatsApp Business. It will automatically send the specific custom message to your customers while you are away.

  • Advice 4: Promotional message with website link

Creating a website is necessary. However, getting visitors is still difficult. However, business owners agreed that WhatsApp’s short messages containing the website link had increased access to the web page. Since man will always be fascinated by clicking something incomplete to gain full knowledge of the message because of the curious nature of humanity.

  • Advice 5: Congratulations to customers on occasions

People claimed they tended to return to service where they felt desirable and appreciated. Businesses should therefore add emotional intelligence to their marketing strategies and send personalized messages at festivals and events, unlike social media, which is used as a personal message rather than an ad for everyone that appears to us as consideration and consideration.

  • Advice 6: Be vague and make them curious

Customers and users are always looking for excitement and fun, and if you can meet this need, what’s best. Create thrill ads for an upcoming campaign and let them wonder and discuss with them.

  • Advice 7: Posters

You can organize and easily find chats and messages using labels. You can create ratings in different colors, and you can add ratings to a full conversation or specific messages within the chat.

Using labels, you can divide customers into different categories such as “New Customers,” “New Orders,” “Support,” and “FAQs.” Using stickers, you can track your workflow with your customers.

Moving regular marketing from social media to the messaging app can be a quiet challenge, given its limitations when compared to the social media page. We should also keep in mind the fact that WhatsApp is not equipped with ads and in-app ads have not yet been added such as Facebook Messenger; however, we can see this possibility soon.

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