Tips in customer service through WhatsApp

Customer service through WhatsApp

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp are important and interesting as a channel for communicating with customers as well as for customer service, unlike before and using email and social media. What are the important factors for customer service via WhatsApp?

Companies are obviously scrambling to get to this huge audience. It’s not as easy as you might think, after all, WhatsApp doesn’t currently display ads and the encrypted messaging system means targeting will be very limited anyway, but WhatsApp’s use of customer service has become essential for companies.

Recently, smart companies have been discovering effective ways to reach customers on WhatsApp. The messaging app has proven to be very useful for customer service, individual communications and even unconventional marketing campaigns, and you can use WhatsApp for customer service.

Tips on customer service via WhatsApp

For most brands, WhatsApp is first and foremost a customer service channel. For people who use it as a major form of digital communication, it’s a convenient and natural platform to reach companies with questions or concerns.

In fact, a recent Facebook poll found that of nine ways to connect with brands, messaging is now the most common way among consumers (the other eight messages were regular mail, email, phone calls, social media, SMS, social media, VoIP, visual chat and personal conversations). The same survey also found that 53% of people sending messages to companies said they were more likely to shop with a brand they could access through the messaging app.

WhatsApp is fast and easy and doesn’t require customers to wait hours. It’s no surprise that WhatsApp is its users’ favorite customer service channel. But it can also be a great customer service tool for brands. Here are the top tips for companies that want to offer great WhatsApp customer service:

Always respond to customers within 24 working hours

This may seem like no thought, but quick responses are one of the pillars of successful customer service. After all, 42% of people who send messages to brands now expect a response in less than an hour. In addition, a recent study found that the faster companies respond to customer service requests, the more willing these customers are to pay for their products.

On WhatsApp, to respond to customer service requests quickly is an additional bonus. If your business responds to a customer within 24 hours of the last message, it’ll be special.

Take advantage of different message formats to serve customers via WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers a lot of features that make communication easier for companies and customers alike. For example, you can send photos, videos, exact locations, GIFs, PDF files, or even audio recordings.

This diversity of formats means that you are not restricted to responding to customer queries only in text. Brands can send educational videos or PDF guides to help users with more complex problems, and users can send screenshots or videos explaining the issues they’re dealing with.

Post your WhatsApp customer service number

Facebook offers WhatsApp ads that you can put on promoted content to get people to text you.

There is no point in setting up and providing customer service on WhatsApp if no one knows you’re using it. Once you’ve created a business account, employee, or specialized team ready to deal with WhatsApp queries, you can add a link, button, or phone number to social media accounts, website, email signature, and more.

There are a variety of ways to integrate links to email your business on WhatsApp via social media or your website.

In general, brands should expect a lot of new customer service and marketing options on WhatsApp in the next two years. It is clear that Facebook wants to quickly liquefy the platform to be one of the pioneers of marketing platforms as well as being a leader in conversations.

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