Tips to create a WhatsApp marketing strategy

WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing has become a key thing in the marketing strategy for companies that want to succeed, WhatsApp marketing helps you interact and communicate with customers through WhatsApp with ease and avoid crowding the spam box or waiting for customers to access your customer support.

Despite whatsapp’s more than 1.5 billion active users, only a minority of companies use WhatsApp marketing to market their business. This means less competition and an audience that is likely to be less upset and more receptive to your campaigns.

In addition, WhatsApp marketing restrictions will force you to be more creative in your strategy and experience new technologies to engage users. Here are some of the best ways to meet the challenge of launching a WhatsApp marketing campaign.

Tips and tricks to create a WhatsApp marketing strategy

Use status property in WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp has released the case feature, stating that WhatsApp users have exceeded the barrier of 500 million users per day, outperforming Facebook and also overcoming Snapchat.

If you don’t use WhatsApp cases to connect with your business contacts, you lose one of the largest channels available. But what kind of content should you post?

One option is to build brand awareness and customer loyalty by telling entertaining human stories about life in your office or an event you attend. Think of this as a continuation of the social media marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

The latest tip is to use your promotional status more. For example, try posting photos or videos highlighting discount sales or temporary discounts on your website. Because the content will disappear in 24 hours, this is a great way to create a sense of excitement for people to interest in your products.

Engage users in WhatsApp groups

If you want to form a community around your WhatsApp brand, groups are your best bet. It allows up to 256 people per group to interact with your work and with each other.

However, know that WhatsApp groups are only for customer service purposes. WhatsApp clearly prohibits the use of its platform for “advertising, marketing or promotional messages unless we allow this in writing.”

Consider WhatsApp groups to be a branded channel where anyone who wants to join them can ask questions or discuss your latest products or campaigns. Because they have a maximum size, the groups have an atmosphere of uniqueness. You can take advantage of this by posting something on your other channels that the first 256 people who join it will have a discount, for example, that they can access discounts and special offers.

WhatsApp groups also have untapped content marketing capabilities. Because WhatsApp lets you send links, photos, videos, PDF files and more, why not set up a newsletter-style distribution form where people subscribe to your latest e-books, blog articles and videos? But again, consider WhatsApp rules for promotional messages, and ask for permission if you feel you may not comply.

Start unconventional campaigns

When marketing via WhatsApp, you need users to text you first before you can communicate with them. Because you can’t take the first step, you have to be creative.

WhatsApp marketing is about motivating users to email you, give you their phone number, or join your groups. This means you have to make it worth their time.

The basic learning here is that creativity and delivering real benefits to people who reach your WhatsApp business can generate expected customers, sharing and a lot of brand awareness.

Can WhatsApp become another Facebook Ads Manager ad option soon?

We also know that WhatsApp is a platform with no ads, but it can start publishing ads, while this is just speculation at the moment, but it doesn’t make perfect sense since the founders of WhatsApp both resigned because of oppositions with Facebook leadership on how to monetize WhatsApp through targeted ads.

In general, brands should expect a lot of new customer service and marketing options on WhatsApp. Facebook clearly wants to maintain the power of the platform and to remain as pioneering as it is in messaging services.

If you’re already using WhatsApp, think about how to improve your customer service, work on some smart marketing campaigns, get ready for status ads and think about whether you need an external tool. If you’re not using WhatsApp, this seems to be the time to join WhatsApp marketing.

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