Steps to create a WhatsApp marketing campaign, 2022

WhatsApp marketing

Marketing is directly suited to the adoption of new technology by audiences. In 2009 WhatsApp was created and became necessary for the public to meet the needs of regular messaging.

By seeing such a broad target base, companies recognize the power of WhatsApp marketing and look for professionals who can design and implement the best WhatsApp marketing campaign strategies. On this subject, we will discuss together the most important steps that will help you create a marketing campaign through WhatsApp.

The most important steps to help you create a marketing campaign via WhatsApp

Learn about WhatsApp marketing and why companies need it

To understand what the WhatsApp marketing campaign is, how it works and what its powers are. Simply WhatsApp is a popular free mobile app that uses your phone’s Internet connection and allows you to chat, call and video calls with other WhatsApp users, without any SMS messages or call fees. It also allows you to share files and photos as you need and comfort.

In basic terms, WhatsApp marketing campaign is to use different WhatsApp mobile features to improve access, generate potential customers, transfer and sales for any company.

A variety of features of WhatsApp are chat, calls, and video calls along with sharing files and photos using an Internet connection.

As the most common messaging app, WhatsApp acts as a powerful way to communicate, interact and communicate with potential customers in the most convenient way possible.

Learn how to create the right brand character for WhatsApp

When you’re well aware of what WhatsApp marketing is, the next step is about creating the most appropriate brand personality for your company on WhatsApp.

You must have an interactive connection with WhatsApp users to get the right brand personality for your company to contribute to WhatsApp marketing.

When you interact as a friend with your WhatsApp users, it’ll be more productive for you, that’s why you have to have a representative there to deal with your WhatsApp queries, which will provide a human touch while interacting with a leader.

You can update your terms and conditions and delivery procedures by sharing your number with your customers, as asking users to share some creative types of things on your WhatsApp number, and enjoy special passes for the launch date of a completely new product or service, will enable you to communicate immediately with users, thereby increasing participation, as well as conversion rate.

In addition, WhatsApp number and brand personality must also be consistent with other platforms as well as wherever your brand and ads are located.

Build your phone database by offering great value

To build a database for use in WhatsApp marketing, you need to offer some values to your customers, the main thing to note here is that WhatsApp is an ad-free platform that’s why you have to offer something productive to your users.

So in return, they’re willing to give you their details, you can offer some offers, gifts, or any important information based on the type of work you’re promoting on WhatsApp.

A brand that engages its users by requiring them to perform a certain type of task on WhatsApp in exchange for something useful and successful will always succeed in building a good database on the platform for use in WhatsApp marketing.

Learn different ways to use it in the WhatsApp marketing campaign

You should know different tactics by which you can direct an effective WhatsApp marketing campaign, here you need to understand that you can run different types of options to guide the WhatsApp marketing campaign.

So, let’s take a look at the options available in WhatsApp marketing:

  • One-on-one chat

In this option, you’ll be able to have a direct conversation with your potential customers in the same way as any normal chat function, you can communicate directly with leads via voice or video calls or even send voice recordings.

  • Broadcast lists

This way, you’ll be able to send your message to any number of contacts in your contact list immediately, however, you must also save these contacts in your number in their contact lists.

Users’ response will look like a binary chat, so if the user responds, you can communicate with them on an individual basis.


With this option, you can create a group of up to 256 people, after which you can share your message with each of them in one group.

You can also send photos, videos, PDF files, and other content forms in that group that anyone in the group can see and respond to.

While running these campaigns, you should understand that sending many messages to potential customers will never work, which can upset instead leads to either blocking you or ignoring your messages.

Therefore, sharing relevant and useful content and interacting with users is inevitable to make your WhatsApp campaigns productive.

Engage users by providing them with important content for free

We’ve discussed earlier that providing free content will help you build a database for your campaign, but how do you use this database to turn it into customers?

You need to share relevant content for free depending on the taste and inclination of leads, it’s important to note that WhatsApp has a higher sharing rate than Facebook, which is 70% higher in the message opening rate.

Caring about customer service is very important here, and you should make sure that your customers’ inquiries are answered immediately.

This article was a big part of managing a strong and personal WhatsApp marketing campaign, using the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to create leads, connect with them and transfer them in real time to increase your sales potential.

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