Some FAQs in WhatsApp Chat Bot

whatsapp chat bot

WhatsApp Chatbot has become a popular resource that companies use to make their connections more efficient. What’s The WhatsApp Chat Bot also helps with customer service, but what questions should you include in WhatsApp chatbot’s basic framework?

The questions you should have for every WhatsApp Chat Bot

If you’re setting up WhatsApp or considering adding one to your business, you’re likely to ask yourself what questions to include, which are the main points of WhatsApp Chat Bot, and how to do it.

Before you start designing your WhatsApp Chat Bot, remember that it’s important that your goals are clear (what WhatsApp Chat Bot should do, what platforms it will integrate with, and how your project will help). When you have this clarity, you can move on to the next stage of WhatsApp Chat Bot development.

First, who’s talking?

The first thing WhatsApp Chat Bot should do is present itself. It’s important to identify itself as WhatsApp Chatbot and explain how it can help the visitor, if we don’t include this step, the rest of the conversation will be created on a confused basis.

Include the name (this is not required, but it helps generate more interaction with visitors), explain that WhatsApp Chat Bot speaks and how the user can interact with it.

Achieving the goal required of WhatsApp Chat Bot

It’s common for companies and entrepreneurs to think about implementing a WhatsApp to make their operations more efficient, if you’ve already spent some time frequently receiving the same question (e.g., “Where is your business?”) You can review previous conversations to identify questions your visitors frequently ask. A quick response will help you increase sales.

From here you can build a decision that the visitor can go through until the conversation is over.

For WhatsApp Chat Bot for keywords, consider all the potential differences to the same word or concept for possible questions that your WhatsApp Chat Bot may receive, and create a unique response to each (you can edit them over time).

Different questions by goal

Collect customer data from WhatsApp Chat Bot

The customer is usually asked about the name and email.

Scheduling an interview:

Would you like to make an appointment? (If you have additional options, view them.)

Include a calendar with options, so your site visitors can quickly choose.

Would you like to cancel an appointment?

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot in Sales


  • Looking for shoe purchases? Yes/No

Excellent yes! Are you looking for something more fashionable or sporty?

(Athlete) – Great choice. What color is it?

(Blue) – These are the options we have in this color.

This is not something you should worry about in the first phase, but it is a factor that can improve interactions with your WhatsApp chatbot, questions such as “How are you?” common in any conversation, and if your WhatsApp Chat Bot is not equipped with this information, it can confuse it and lead to an illogical conversation.

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