How to send quotes via WhatsApp and close sales

Send bids via WhatsApp

At a time when the virtual world is becoming more important, WhatsApp has become an ideal sales tool to push the company forward, don’t you think? Take advantage of this article to learn how to send bids using WhatsApp and sell more.

Making sales on WhatsApp, Is it that simple?

It doesn’t look like business, because WhatsApp is everywhere: for conversations, for entertainment, but also for business, after all, with all the features of the app, why not use it to close sales?

With a good plan, discipline and organization, you just need to improve your strategies and add benefits.

How to send a quote using whatsApp Business

Is your client ready?

It’s time to send a quote to your customer. This is a crucial step, as it can be the time you negotiate and close the sale.

First, evaluate the number of details required for the quote in question. If it’s a relatively small quote, it can be attached to the WhatsApp message itself.

If not, it may be better to send a PDF file containing all relevant information.

In this area, the more complete your bid is, the fewer questions your customer will ask and your process will be more flexible.

You can send the quote directly using chat, as well as save it and mark it as hanging for internal records, you can also send a PDF file containing the quote.

Use WhatsApp to connect with the team

Whenever we try to implement any new intercom tool in companies, we get resistance from employees. People are reluctant to “learn” new things. The best thing is that almost everyone uses it and doesn’t require any training. Another advantage is that I don’t need to explicitly ask the team because they’re connected to it anyway.

How long should I wait before continuing with the customer you made an offer to?

Good question, but unfortunately not the right one. With many conflicting factors affecting why the potential customer does not respond to your quote, this question does not go deep enough. They may need time to think, they may need to wait for approval, maybe they poured tea on their keyboard, or they may have simply deleted your email. The list goes on.

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