Why self-service for customers using chat bot is essential to your business

Chat Bot and Self-Service Customers

Self-service enables your users to find answers themselves – without waiting in a queue to contact a direct agent. How do you take advantage of it? In this article we will provide you with the answer to these questions.

Customers want quick and easy support from the companies they love. In fact, quick decisions are one of the key metrics for providing exceptional customer support. 90% of users consider rapid responses during customer support interactions to be extremely important and here comes chat bot to help with customer self-service.

Needless to say, your customers need speed. They expect you to keep up with dynamic user behaviors to provide a problem-free service at all times.

What is customer self-service?

Self-service is a way to allow your customers to resolve their queries and receive answers themselves without the need for a direct agent to intervene which can occur by using chat bot.

It can remove the burden from your shoulders as well. You can allow your customers to solve their problems using a self-service chat system and reduce their dependence on customer support agents.

What are the customer self-service portals?

A customer self-service portal is usually a chat system or web page that acts as a gateway to information and services to help your customers find appropriate answers when they have a problem with your product or service. Self-catering chatbots, for example, can use artificial intelligence for conversation to:

Identify the problem – understand and understand the conversation language to measure the depth of the problem as accurately as possible.

Directing users to solutions – After evaluating a query, chat bots with a self-service conversation that supports NLP can guide users to relevant and actionable solutions.

You can easily automate FAQ solutions and common queries using self-service, but sometimes, a use status may require instructions from the direct representative. These portals can also identify complex or high-priority queries and direct them to an available direct agent.

Here are some examples of customer self-service

Self-service is the support of customers independent of direct agents. Here are some methods to include in your self-service portals:

FAQ page

Social forums

Artificial intelligence and machine learning bot chats

Knowledge base articles and product documents

Automated Call Center

What are the benefits of self-service for customers?

Implementing a self-service portal can be an impressive step. Some of the ways you can take advantage of their use are.

Self-service is the lowest workload on customer service representatives

Through self-service, your customers can record tickets and resolve their concerns by accessing an easy-to-use and easily navigateable website. Helps fix problems for your customers so they don’t have to wait for your direct customer support agent to pick up their orders.

Your platform can include many self-help channels such as chat bot trainer, FAQs, product content, and more. Self-service can enable your customers to do all the achievable tasks themselves, giving you more freedom to focus on what’s important.

Self-service helps enhance customer experience, trust and brand loyalty

The negative support experience can go beyond all the good you offer. Numerically, 91% of customers will not buy or deal with a company again if they have an unhappy user experience.

One way to combat this is to design a self-service portal based on smart and self-evolving machine learning algorithms. For example, self-service catebots can customize interactions using decisions that accurately match what users expect and need. Now when that happens, your customers are naturally happier and more satisfied with the support they receive.

Another way a live self-service portal can help you enhance a better user experience is through continuous comments. You can improve your offer when you know exactly what needs or doesn’t need to improve in your company. Thus, it leads to stronger brand loyalty and enhances product stability.

Available 7/77 and can retain and attract new customers

Your customers expect your support team to be available to answer their queries around the clock – 51% of today’s users do so. However, this is not applicable to your immediate agents.

This is where a self-service portal can help like your chat bot. Allows real-time customer support access – 24/7, 365 days a year. Your customers can communicate quickly with you, present their problem and get solutions in the morning or evening.

24/7 availability can also help you attract occasional visitors who stumble upon your work. The self-help portal can provide them with the necessary information they need and collect their contact details, regardless of the time of day.

Save a lot of time and money with self-service and chat bot

Reducing cost without compromising on quality of service is an achievement for any business. A self-service portal can be a boon to calculating profit and loss for your company.

Research shows that by 2022, self-service chat bots charged with NLP can help companies save up to $8 billion in support costs.

The self-help platform reduces the need for your direct agents to be available during peak hours. With the need for training and benefiting agents every second, you can significantly reduce support costs.

Keep your customers up to date

Self-service makes customer support more efficient, accessible, and unambiguous to users. You can use such a platform to proactively communicate with users when you need to notify them immediately.

For example, if there is a company-wide service outage or scheduled maintenance, your self-service portal can act as a point of contact to support users. You can use the self-service platform to connect to accidents. You’re unlikely to have angry customers when you keep them informed from the beginning.

The customer experience is more important and attractive now than in the pre-pandemic world. Everyone is connected to the Internet, as are companies. Now is the time when a self-service portal can help users easily navigate your business, interact with you and receive support. This is how easy it is to turn angry consumers into happy customers.

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