Reasons why consumers are interested in live chat

Live chat

Live chat is very important as it is a favorite on other ways of communicating because it allows customers to receive immediate answers to their questions. With companies currently available on all major chat platforms, we must ask the following question: Do consumers realize the importance of live chat? How interested are they in using it to reach companies?

The beginnings of live chat and customer support

Live chat assets can be traced back to 50 years ago. A decade later, in 1996, email support and live chat emerged.

After another decade, after the boom in instant messaging services, such as AIM and MSN, companies began adopting programs to allow customers to send messages to them. During 2010, smartphones helped deliver more mobile platforms and faster, such as BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage. Somewhere in the middle, chatbot services entered.

The importance of live chat in customer service

Live chat has many benefits compared to other forms of online communication. It is more suitable for customers looking for a quick solution. It also provides transparency and privacy, which means a lot to the average digital consumer.

More importantly, it does not detract from the human contact that customers seek through their communications. So, how many contemporary consumers are interested in chatting with a company for what reason?

In 2020, statistics showed that 73% of customers reported that live chat was the most satisfying way to communicate with companies. This was the result of several factors, such as:

Provide better information than email.

Allow the user to perform multiple tasks while chatting with customer support.

Cancel phone calls and waiting times.

Provide fast and efficient customer service.

In addition, live chat ranked first in consumer satisfaction at 92 percent. More importantly, 63 per cent of consumers who used live chat on a website said they were likely to return to the site.

These and other figures are strong indicators of the power of live chat and its importance to consumers. Customer participation will remain important if it is a positive customer experience.

What consumers say about live chat and how it can remain interesting to them and their preferences:

Consumers say work should be available 24/7.

They also don’t like to wait at all.

Customers feel good when using live chat.

The most important reasons why consumers are interested in live chat

Live chat is expected to continue to grow by up to 87 percent in the next 12-18 months. This fact alone empowers companies. Here’s a look at how posting live chat and chatbot services in your business connections can be useful.

Faster responses via live chat and chatbot mean more potential customers

By taking advantage of 24/7 support, you ensure that no potential customer is left behind. By taking care of their inquiries at any given time, new customers will become loyal customers, and will take advantage of all opportunities for business growth.

Chat Bot deployment improves efficiency and reduces cost

24-hour availability does not mean that agents should spend the whole night talking to customers. Thanks to chatbots, you can reduce the number of agents when switching, along with operational costs.

Direct support improves the customer’s journey

Just like shoppers in stores who like to ask questions before buying, online shoppers also like to receive help that helps them make a purchase decision. Moreover, it has become easier to return to after-sales services and support online.

Chat helps you keep customer data

Customers are likely to trust you with their information through chat. It’s fast and effective. This way, you can keep updated customer databases and ensure a seamless experience for them.

The use of multichannel solutions such as live chat, chatbot and WhatsApp Business API is not only useful, but also necessary for the modern consumer.

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