Ways to provide high sharing for social media customers

The first social media site was created in the late 1990s and launched in early 2000 when big names such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and more were launched. It may not have occurred to owners how a photo or video sharing site could jump from just creating connections to a giant customer service platform. Today, social media channels are used as a two-way means of communication between customers and companies for feedback, grievances, updates and more.

Before you delve deeper into customer interaction strategies across social networks, let’s check some statistics

  • 54% of customers prefer social media messaging channels instead of phone or email
  • 74% of millennials report that their brand perception improves when the company responds to customer inquiries on social media
  • 48% of consumers expect to respond to social media questions and complaints within 24 hours.

Ways to provide high sharing for social media customers

Reply to messages or tweets

Active social media customers try to communicate with brands through messages, posts or tweets on the brand’s wall. Never make a mistake ignoring these messages or tweets, or the customer will feel ignored.

But scrolling through all social media channels can be a daunting task. Your representatives need a system that integrates social channels and immediately informs them of incoming messages.

Problem solving in offline mode

You need to understand when the discussion heats up, and you need to drag it into offline mode. Connect with the customer via direct messages, making him feel appreciated. In the case of hot conversations, things can be handled quietly when offline. It saves your brand from making mistakes in public or ruining your reputation at any opportunity.

Intelligent steering

Social media queries can be specific to the relevant department. There can be a query related to the human resources or sales department. To save delegate lost time sorting questions, get a system that provides automatic routing, section and more skill. This makes sure that the right person responds to the query in the best possible way, and everything is checked by you.

Sharing knowledge

Social media has tremendous reading content. Therefore, people come to the brand page not only for complaints, but also for information. For example, a customer who needs to install a product purchased from you will never want Google to install.

Provide your customer with immediate access to the Knowledge Hall to stay up to date and provide a suitable answer for your customers. The knowledge base has the option to share content directly with the end user without undergoing a boring login process.

Case management

To deal with endless tickets or problems across multiple social media channels, it is essential that you have a case management system to deal with these situations efficiently and not miss any of them. It would be better if you had an integrated case management tool that can record queries from all channels, provide up-to-date notifications, service level agreements and more for a seamless customer journey with your brand

Don’t send spam

Social media marketing is booming, but that doesn’t mean you keep posting offers, sales, promotions, keep pushing notifications, etc. This becomes annoying, and your customers may soon cancel your follow-up. Don’t overdo anything because potential customers are around you.

Analyze how customers respond to your campaign

Another key activity to share on social media is to analyze how customers interact with the various marketing and sales activities your brand publishes. What kind of campaigns or promotion do they like and what not?

Make content easier

The content on your social media page is what your customers read and your prospects. It’s what engages them and starts connecting (other than problems) make sure you create your content in different formats; it’s updated, stands on social issues, always active on occasions, etc.

In order for your organization to have seamless customer engagement via social media and other digital channels, you need to showcase the human side of the business rather than just paying for your product or service. You need smart agents and intelligently integrated systems to seamlessly move between channels, not applications.

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