Best practices and uses for WhatsApp Chat Bot 2022

WhatsApp Chat Bot

I’ve certainly heard about WhatsApp Chat Bot before. WhatsApp Chat Bot can be defined as a never-sleeping employee and is a very valuable customer service tool, with personal user trips and customer service automation to get the job done online. But did you know that WhatsApp Chat Bot can also be used in distinctive and feature-friendly ways?

Like any chatbot. The WhatsApp interface is, of course, unchangeable, but the chat bot behind it can be as advanced as you want. Your digital employee can take advantage of all WhatsApp features, including photos, animations, emojis, etc.

How to set up WhatsApp ChatBot

How do you set up WhatsApp ChatBot? It’s a little easy, but you need a WhatsApp Business API account. Business API is the business solution that WhatsApp provides to medium to large companies. It will allow you to connect with your customers via WhatsApp in two different types of messages: session messages started by your customer and typical messages you’ve launched.

Session messages start when your customer reaches you via WhatsApp. A 24-hour time window will open through which you can chat with your client freely. During this session, you can customize and automate the customer’s journey as you wish. An ideal opportunity for WhatsApp ChatBot to answer user questions with their AI-backed knowledge base.

Once the session message window closes, you can no longer chat with your client freely, but you will be able to send typical messages if your customers give you a subscription to do so. This will allow you to send useful notifications and reactivate the conversation (using chatbot).

WhatsApp ChatBot Best Practices

Now that we know how to set up WhatsApp Business API, let’s discuss some best practices. Do you want WhatsApp ChatBot to outperform all others? Listen to these important tips.


Think about the conversations you want to have on WhatsApp ChatBot with your customers and the way you want to communicate with them. Think of the tone of the voice.

WhatsApp is a social platform and the conversational style of writing is well received. Also make sure you craft your WhatsApp ChatBot answers shortly and directly. No one wants to read the help guide in speech bubbles on WhatsApp.

Escalate the conversation on WhatsApp ChatBot

Make sure you have an escalation available when WhatsApp Chat Bot cannot answer the customer’s question, or if the situation requires direct personal contact.

There is no whatsApp chat bot all-flag. Handing over the conversation to a direct agent (at WhatsApp) will provide a satisfactory customer journey when WhatsApp Chat Bot cannot answer or when your preferred trip is to contact your customer directly.

Other communication tools next to WhatsApp Chat Bot

WhatsApp Chat Bot services are, of course, not limited to WhatsApp. You can also apply the chat bot that you have on WhatsApp on your web page. Or the app. Or IVR. or other messaging tools you use to talk to your customers.

Some built-in WhatsApp ChatBot solutions will allow you to use the same knowledge base as you are in the all-inclusive channel. Build the conversation once, and have the conversation everywhere.

Create whatsApp chat bot

Don’t just look at WhatsApp Chat Bot as a simple FAQ tool. It can (and must) be much more. Once you start the conversation with your client, wouldn’t it be great to help them also achieve their goal within the same platform?

Would your customer want to see their order status? Or use the data? Or when is their contract renewed? Instead of directing them to your website or app, why doesn’t WhatsApp Chat Bot show them the information on WhatsApp? Does your customer want to buy something from you or pay an invoice? View start-up payment through WhatsApp. Does your client want to make an appointment? Take their information and make an appointment in your back system through WhatsApp Chat Bot.

By connecting your WhatsApp Chat Bot to other programs or your CRM system, you will take your customer service to the next level.

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