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WhatsApp Chat Bot

WhatsApp Chat Bot services are becoming increasingly common among WhatsApp business accounts. This is not surprising, given the benefits they offer. Here are ways you can use WhatsApp Chat Bot in both customer service and marketing to grow your business.

As an employer, you know how long it can take to respond to customer messages. Whether it’s queries, complaints or public feedback, every message you receive on WhatsApp must be answered with the utmost attention and care.

This is, after all, an integral part of using WhatsApp as a channel to support customers. It can be boring, it’s not something you can ignore because it’s essential for your business to succeed.

A way to reduce the amount of time and effort you need to spend on these incoming messages without losing quality and dedication is WhatsApp Chat Bot services.

As of late 2020, WhatsApp announced that more than 175 million people send messages to business accounts on WhatsApp – every day.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot in customer service

One of the most common uses of WhatsApp Chat Bot services is customer service.

The automated regulation features provided by WhatsApp Chat Bot services mean that companies can set them up so that their customers are present 24/7 – even during off-office hours.

Hundreds of millions of people email companies on WhatsApp every day. While some, such as specific queries or complaints, may require a touch from a direct human agent, there are messages in the mix that can be answered using WhatsApp Chat Bot.

These questions tend to be common and common about your business and can range from working hours and store locations to product catalog and return policy.

Based on keywords discovered in incoming messages, your WhatsApp Chat Bot can send pre-defined messages answering their questions.

You can also integrate your WhatsApp Chat Bot with your CRM system so that it is set up to send messages when you turn on certain hotspots.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Chat Bot in customer service

With WhatsApp Chat Bot, you can create benefits for both your business and your client, because these WhatsApp Chat Bots take care of fixed questions with fixed answers, eliminating the hassle of your daily tasks.

This saves you time to deal with the most important aspects of your business and your customer service agents to better devote themselves to other, most pressing customer inquiries.

For your customers, WhatsApp Chat Bot services help facilitate quick responses by providing them with the information they need within seconds. This can be faster than if a customer service agent had to locate an answer template, copy it and paste it into the chat.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot in Marketing

Another common use of WhatsApp Chat Bot is for marketing purposes, where you can adjust your WhatsApp Chat Bot so that it automatically sends marketing messages. These can be to greet new contacts, deliver your business, services or products, talk about a promotion, inform customers about an upcoming sale, and more.

You can also use WhatsApp Chat Bot marketing to organize and send transaction messages such as payment reminders, receipts or invoices, shipping details and delivery updates.

The advantage of using WhatsApp Chat Bot in marketing is that it uses automation to help you stay in touch with your customers and lead them in the direction they need, which in turn helps divide customers and better steer down the purchasing path.

For example, an incoming product price query can prompt a WhatsApp Chat Bot to send a follow-up message to encourage purchase.

By automating your marketing reminders, you can also create more contact points with your customers with minimal effort. This keeps you, as a brand, at the forefront of their minds, and also serves as an incentive for them to continue the buyer’s journey.

Keep in mind that Facebook is also improving WhatsApp’s marketing features, which will include allowing in-app purchases. The ability to pay in the app itself makes the transaction much easier and encourages sales.

The two-way nature of WhatsApp, a messaging app, also means that user interaction tends to be higher than across other marketing platforms such as email or social media. The latest WhatsApp introduction to interactive message templates also increases customer communication.

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