Why messaging services are the best way to serve customers ?

With recent advances in technology, why do companies continue to provide low-level services to their customers?, according to reports, “brands fail to create positive and emotional experiences that stimulate customer loyalty,” resulting in 67% of existing customers turning to customers who have gone to other brands because of poor customer service.

One of the signs of low customer service first is the inability to respond in a timely manner, and secondly, uncooperative employees thirdly, the general lack of appreciation, all of which will help hinder companies from establishing a loyal customer base.

Comfort and customization together plays a big role in the customer experience. Just look at examples like Amazon, Uber and Netflix. All these global companies offer what customers want, when they want it.

Customers not only compare your brand to competitors, but also large technology giants that set advanced standards of customer experience.

One simple way that existing companies that want to succeed can be to provide faster and more personalized service using text messages to connect with customers.

Why messaging services are the best way to serve customers

Messaging services Solve problems faster

Did you know that 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes when sent?, consumers today have very high expectations when it comes to customer service. They expect to talk or chat with a customer service representative in two minutes or less.

Phone and live chat are great ways to serve customers, but they can have long waiting times depending on when the customer calls you and how busy customer service is at the time.

Text messaging enables your customers to contact you whenever they want as mobile devices go hand in hand all day long that can make texting, with appropriate training and technology, make it easier for customer service staff to respond quickly and show the personal touch customers expect.

Many companies work on WhatsApp Chat Bot services to respond to simple requests such as working hours and most FAQs. This allows customer service agents to be more productive and helps customers solve more complex problems. Text messages also eliminate the need for customers to wait and allow them to continue their day as their problem is resolved quickly.

Messaging services Keep customers engaged

Customer service is more than just solving customer problems. Another important aspect of customer service is to maintain interaction and keep them informed through custom notifications. Texting is a more effective way to communicate with customers because sharing friction is very low compared to email and is more instantaneous.

Imagine if the customer was waiting for an important response and had no access to the email at his whereabouts. If an email notification is sent, it will not get it on time and may cause potential problems. Either if you send a simple text message, or using WhatsApp Chat Bot services, the customer will be notified in real time and can arrange his schedule to receive delivery on time.

Messaging services Instant customer feedback

The main customer service performance indicator is feedback and ratings. In fact, customer ratings are the first factor consumers use to judge a business.

Therefore, getting in-house feedback from customers in real time is very important. Emailing comment requests is common, but it may not be effective because it requires customers to take additional steps to log into their email account, find email, click email, and then submit comments on a website.

For example, hotels and other service-based companies often send customer opinion questionnaires after the customer interacts for immediate feedback and resolves any outstanding problems. This approach can help brands restore service while building that emotional connection with their customers by telling them that you care about their experience and that you are willing to help them quickly.

Messaging services Increasing customer loyalty

97% of global consumers say that customer service is very important or somewhat important in their choice and loyalty to the brand.

Although customer service is not just about text messages, providing great customer service is about showing your interest to customers and solving their problems quickly no matter how they choose to interact with your business.

By having individual conversations via text message or creating a WhatsApp Chat Bot, you can help build emotional contact with customers and increase loyalty.

Messaging services Increased efficiency

Text messages, whether on the phone or via WhatsApp, are one of the main ways to improve customer service efficiency. However, text messaging is only a tool and its success depends on how good customer service agents use the tools that help them communicate with customers.

There are many key metrics that can measure efficiency:

First response time: How quickly the agent responds after getting the customer’s request via text message.

Time to solution: How long does it take for the agent to solve a problem (depending on the number of messages exchanged for a particular problem).

Wait: The average number of customers waiting for a text message response.

Customer Service Assessment: How well your customers evaluate your service after interacting with your business through text messages.

These metrics can be compared to other customer service channels such as phone, email or live chat to see how effective texting is for customers in your business.

When customers are serviced through text messages, similar to the personal text message series, all previous conversations are quickly available to the employee to view and understand the problem. This eliminates the need for customer service agents to manually take notes, which are boring and may sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete.

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