How to market through WhatsApp and increase your sales

WhatsApp marketing

Do you already know the power of WhatsApp marketing? Keep reading and learn how to make WhatsApp special for your company and be able to market through WhatsApp for your business with distinction.

What is WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is a type of messaging marketing used to promote a brand through WhatsApp. This channel helps brands reach a large audience (WhatsApp is the world’s first social network) and establish strong customer relationships to generate sales.

How do you market on WhatsApp?

New channels appear every day to connect with customers, which is why working on a digital marketing strategy that includes WhatsApp is essential to maintaining personal contact with them.

It’s important to integrate them organically into the marketing plan. This means it’s not enough to put the WhatsApp button on your website, but you should think about how to help WhatsApp sell your products better.

For example, let’s say you own a shoe store. WhatsApp will help you promote an individual communication channel, where you can understand your customer’s needs in detail and provide available models of their size.

You’ll also be able to show the colors and designs that interest you, with photos and videos that encourage selling.

Some of the benefits you can get from applying your marketing strategy

Increase sales volume

Workflow efficiency

Improving the customer experience, because you create a closer connection.

Promote the development of your other marketing channels

Automation of recurring queries

Generating a higher percentage of retention and participation

You get a channel to distribute strategic content and values

There are many advantages you get through WhatsApp as a sales tool.

Each channel must have its own marketing strategy, so they must be able to express others. It is therefore important to seriously consider the channel to which this particular channel will be presented with its distinctive characteristics.

Marketing capabilities

An important note about WhatsApp marketing is that work must be available to respond to customers. Otherwise, the strategy ends up being ineffective and stops achieving important results.

Here are some practical, accessible actions that any entrepreneurship profile can do.

Real-time relationships with leads and customers

This is the main function of whatsApp application, for personal and exclusive service, to resolve doubts or manage negative attitudes.

Send discounts and promotions

This procedure should be done only with the client’s permission and with special care so that it does not look good.

Disclosure of valuable content

Tips, studies and quick trends are topics that build empathy and embrace power. Additionally, they can increase site traffic and create conversions if posted from a link.

Spreading viral content

Creative content can affect and spread through WhatsApp, increasing brand access.

Increased sales

Promotions, new products and services and special dates can generate sales, but they require caution not to overdo it.

Mailing lists

Broadcast lists allow you to deliver your message to more than one customer at a time. The proper nature and proper management of the customer list also applies here.

Brand promotion

Work, in WhatsApp, is about image, style and service, i.e. it must have a personality like a human.


Surveys measure customer satisfaction and can be conducted quickly through WhatsApp.

Quick selling campaigns

Status sharing lets you increase interaction with campaigns 24 hours a day.

WhatsApp marketing campaign steps

Some basic steps to doing WhatsApp marketing can be included in a company:

Set up a database for your audience. It is very important that they are divided, i.e. divided into different types of customers or consumers you want to reach. This way, you can focus on messages and have a better chance of getting results.

Think about the type of message. After setting up the database (which needs to be updated and constantly updated), you need to work on the message: What do you want to deliver to your audience? How are you going to convince them what you want and how do you achieve the goal you set yourself?

Use audio, video, or image. WhatsApp is easy to use. You can send messages by selecting photos, videos, and audio recordings, expanding communication capabilities. You will be more successful and recipients will be able to share it with their families and friends.

Follow-up effect: Don’t do the same thing as anyone else. Try to imagine something new in your message and add value to your customers. This will make your contact recipients pass them on to their followers, and they’re their followers, so you can reach thousands of people.

What to avoid in WhatsApp marketing

This strategy can increase sales, strengthen customer relationships and even complete transactions. However, despite the potentially massive access to WhatsApp marketing, it contains ethical evidence to follow.

The same ease that encourages firm action can allow slips and mistakes. So you should avoid:

Fill out the customer’s mailbox

Send messages without permission

Send messages at inappropriate times

Send very heavy content for download

Doing advertising

Request or disclose payment information.

With reports, you can find out which communication channels attract and transform most customers. This valuable information will help you update your strategy over time and understand what works and what doesn’t.

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