Make WhatsApp chatbot built with AI more well private 2022

WhatsApp Chat Bot

We observe one pattern within leads, customers and discussions on social media platforms. In 2017, for example, everyone talked about chat bot and its benefits and how to implement it.

Now we have the same discussion about something called “artificial intelligence for conversation.” Smart conversations versus pre-defined answers.

First, interactive artificial intelligence is nothing new. It existed in the past, but in a different name – chat bot that works with artificial intelligence. This type of chat bot is the most advanced now.

By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, AI-backed Chatbot can understand the purpose of your customers’ requests, calculate each customer’s full conversation history when they interact with them, and answer their questions in a natural human way.

Secondly, this shift in names and the development of the new attractive term refer to a shift in the methods of automated organization of conversation. Once whats app chat bot is enough to ask simple questions, the user answered them with buttons.

Accordingly, Whats App Chat Bot summarized the information collected and provided the response. For some companies, these WhatsApp Chat Bot programs are not always the best solution. Complex cases need chat bots on certain conditions, and WhatsApp Chat Bot is supported by artificial intelligence.

Privacy and data security in WhatsApp Chat Bot

WhatsApp Chat Bot services are an important topic at present. As people text and chat more and more and now start chatting with companies, data privacy and security are also becoming a concern.

Personal and privacy in WhatsApp Chat Bot

Personality is a set of features that define the social role, while personality is a unique combination of visible emotional and behavioral motivations in the way we behave. How WhatsApp Chat Bot interacts with the user.

Whats App Chat Bot consists of three things. Users + brand + purpose. Answering questions about the purpose of your WhatsApp Chat Bot program, who you’ll talk to, and how these conversations connect to your brand values will help you decide on a personality.

Here are some suggestions on how to answer better:

  • Users

What are your customers’ chipsets, and which ones will interact with Whats App Chat Bot? Talk to your marketing or sales department for information about it who regularly buys your product or service. Based on Buyer Persona, you can create a Whats App Chat Bot character that is likely to connect to the target market.

  • Brand

What is your equity model? How should customers think and feel about your product? What is the experience about your brand?

  • Purpose

What is the role of WhatsApp Chat Bot? Collect notes? Support? Keep in mind what kind of human role your bot simulates.

Think about the information your customers will need more than once. Your customer support department certainly has some common statistics, requests, etc.

Contact the customer service department and ask them:

  • To provide analysis of the website customer’s journey
  • To participate where customers want a more guided approach.
  • To make the most common requests, where they tend to contact your customer support and determine whether it is possible to automate to give part of the specific information

Next, think about how best to provide easy access to these parts of the information. Or leave it to the designers of the conversation with your WhatsApp Chat Bot.

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