important whatsapp feature for Android users


WhatsApp always updates the app to remain a leader in text and video chat, and WhatsApp finally offers a very useful feature on the platform for Android, to make messaging more private.

WhatsApp added the disappeared image feature to its application. If the once display button is invisible to you when you share media with anyone, it means you haven’t received the feature yet.

New Android WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp introduces the disappeared images feature for trial users, known as “one-time viewing.” This is similar to how Instagram’s expired media feature works. The image will disappear as soon as the receiver opens it and leaves the chat. The feature is currently available to WhatsApp users for Android.

Screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo reveal that users will be able to send hidden images once they choose images from the gallery. Once selected, you’ll have to click on an hour-like icon, which the app will display near the Add Caption bar. You can then send disappeared photos to your friends and family.

The feature works for videos, photos, and GIFs. If the once display button is invisible to you when you share media with anyone, it means you haven’t received the feature. The user will find this feature in The Android version of WhatsApp.

How does the new Android WhatsApp feature work?

How do you check if the feature is actually possible for your WhatsApp account? It’s simple: just check if there’s a once-in-a-time display button when sharing media:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WA_VIEW_ONCE_BUTTON_ANDROID%20PIC%201.jpg

When you send photos and videos using the view once, they can only be viewed once, and you’re notified when the recipient opens them:

When you set photos and videos on view once, the media will disappear after they close:

Some information you should be aware of when using the new WhatsApp feature is to share a photo or video using the view once:

  • If you disable reading tags, the recipient will still see if you’ve opened the image or video to view once, but you can’t see when the recipient opens your photo. In groups, you can see when other participants open expired images even if you disable reading tags.
  • The recipient may save the image or video that captures screenshots or video footage, and WhatsApp won’t notify you because there’s no screenshot discovery: Be careful.
  • You can also share photos and videos that are set to view once in groups, and you can find out who opened them in Message Information.
  • Blocked contacts in shared groups can still open those photos and videos: in fact, they can’t send messages or contact you but can still interact with you in groups.
  • If you send a one-time view image to people who have not enabled this feature, the one-time view feature will still work and they can only view it once.
  • The feature is available to all Android trial testers. If you don’t see this feature, please wait for the following updates that will help you get the feature.
  • Other people who have not joined the demo can receive photos and videos that are set to view only once. Activation will follow for iOS trial testers later.

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