Important reasons you use Facebook ads

Facebook is now the most powerful online advertising platform, Facebook has been growing since 2004 and continues to this time with all the power, and the numbers on Facebook are too huge to ignore. She says people who choose to advertise on Facebook should do so by understanding what Facebook is useful, its limitations, and which ads are the most effective on that channel.

Why do we use Facebook?

Social media should be part of any business’s digital marketing strategy. It’s a key way to share content, build links, and increase engagement.

Social ads allow you to reach more of your audience, often at low cost. You can then turn these users into followers and continue marketing them.

1- Medium-cost Facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook can cost any amount you want. You set your budget from the beginning, and Facebook stops showing your ad when you reach that amount. The more your budget increases, the more users you’ll reach.

2- The best advertising platform on social media

A survey of marketer found that 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook to be the best social media platform for ROI. This is in all areas for both B2C and B2B companies.

3- Your Facebook audience

Not only do the people you want to target have Facebook accounts, they spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the platform. More than 2 billion users have an account and 1.55 billion users access the platform every month.

4- You can target specific users

Facebook has a wealth of information about its users. You can take advantage of this by targeting people who are likely to become your clients only.

The platform allows you to set criteria such as age, gender, location, job title, industry, social status and interests. You also have the option to filter by connections (for example, friends of users who have already interacted with your page) and behavior, which includes recent purchases and life events.

Another targeting option is to use similar audiences. These consist of users similar to your current audience, which means there is no need to guess demographics if you lack this information.

5- Facebook ads offer retargeting

Another way to reach the right users is through retargeting. This enables you to target users who have visited your website previously, used your mobile app, or given you their email addresses. Because they’re familiar with your business, they’re likely to download premium content, start a free trial or make a purchase.

6- Easy-to-set ads

Facebook makes it easy to create an ad, and takes you through the steps where you select the type of ad, select your audience, and set your budget and time frame.

However, although the process is simple, it is highly customizable. You can choose from a variety of ad formats, display options and quotes.

For example, Facebook ads use the pay-per-click model, just like the majority of online ads, but pay-per-impression, pay-per-like or pay-per-action are also options.

7- Facebook provides useful analytics

Facebook advertising allows you to reach users when they’re not in a state of mind to buy. Instead of restricting, this could be an opportunity. While your ads may be ineffective for paying for sale, they can be useful for improving brand awareness and attracting potential customers to care.

Now, this can make measuring the success of your ads more complex. However, Facebook simplifies the process by providing you with ideas about your goals. Many of them relate to social ROI – or how users interact with your ads.

For example, in addition to data about impressions, access, and repetitions, you receive information about likes, posts, comments, page likes, and click rates. All these metrics are in real time, allowing you to make changes to your ads as necessary.

8- You can add a custom button

Most types of digital ads have a CTA button that leads to a landing page on the business website. This can be effective when users need more information before they are ready to make a decision. However, it leads to only a percentage of users already providing you with their contact information.

With Facebook ads, you can send users to your website, but you also have other options. Urge-to-action buttons include Apply Now, book now, contact us, download, register, and learn more.

9- Facebook offers video ads

You’ve probably noticed that the majority of posts on Facebook’s news feed are videos. This is because most users prefer to watch videos than read content. Facebook lets you create video ads to attract more attention.

10- Ads support your free strategy

Pay-for-access can complement your organic strategy, especially when you pay to promote publications. This is more effective when you think carefully about the publications you’re going to turn into ads.

For example, ads give you the perfect opportunity to target specific users who will find a particular publication highly relevant. A percentage of these users will probably share the publication, which means that your content will become visible to more users without having to pay for access.

Another way to use ads is to reach people who might benefit from following your page. Therefore, you should promote your best-performing posts. Of course, the purpose of the advertising strategy should not be to just gain more likes for your page.

However, if you’re targeting related demographics, you’ll receive likes from users who will continue to interact with your posts. Once these users like your page, they’ll find all this content naturally.

The last option is to promote an event. By increasing the appearance of an event using a Facebook ad, it appears in users’ news files. If they choose to attend, your event will appear to their friends organically.

Facebook advertising is an essential way to expand your access to the social platform. In addition, Facebook ads play a role in your overall digital marketing by raising brand awareness, attracting potential customers, and sometimes turning users into customers.

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