Important features in WhatsApp Chat Bot and live chat

WhatsApp Chat Bot and Live Chat

Answering customer questions instantly is one of the best things you can do for your customers’ happiness. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen – even with fast channels like live chat, WhatsApp Chat Bot is the only property capable of it.

Live chat is a great technology and one of the most common features of the customer sharing platform. When used correctly, you can move visitors down the sales track faster, but WhatsApp Chat Bot has preference in many features, including the fact that customers don’t wait too long to answer their queries.

The most important features available in WhatsApp Chat Bot and live chat

Live chat and WhatsApp Chat Bot improve the visitor experience and help improve conversion rates, let’s take a look at how they go beyond each other in different competencies.

Emotions for customers

Because we know that live chat has real people sitting behind chat screens, it’s a natural winner when it comes to emotions. A real human relationship can never be replaced, after all.

People who deal with their customers in live chat can better excite visitors and sympathize with their problems. Humans can be humorous, tell jokes, be sarcastic, and even have the ability to negotiate with customers whose WhatsApp Chat Bot today may be an important choice.

In the end, live chat integration will be a better option if you want to communicate emotionally with your customers.


One of the advantages of WhatsApp Chat Bot is that it never gets tired. The customer support agent behind live chat may raise the need for a vacation, get sick, or may want a small break – making availability personal.

However, WhatsApp Chat Bot never complains, never asks for a day off, and is available all the time.

It’s not wrong to say WhatsApp chatbot is scalable. Basically, what this means is that they can meet a huge amount of traffic at any time while supporting live chat will be self-sustaining to support team members’ availability and ability to handle chat.


Do you wonder what we mean by understanding in the context of live chat or WhatsApp Chat Bot?, we mean the ability to understand the complexity of issues. No matter how complex the problem is.

However, WhatsApp Chat Bot will only do what it has been trained to do, and it is right to say that we cannot rely entirely on WhatsApp Chat Bot in this case.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is designed to answer pre-programmed questions or follow a predetermined and limited flow. If this word or phrase is missing or if the visitor requests something outside the box, WhatsApp Chat Bot will wait for help from a customer service representative.

In fact, you must have noticed that if you pose a more complex problem and WhatsApp Chat Bot isn’t programmed, it may give you inappropriate responses or commit to sending a support representative waiting to answer.

We are used to slamming words, abbreviations, short and regular language while writing. A person can certainly understand “How much does this service cost?” but you may need to write a full sentence while talking to a WhatsApp Chat Bot. It’s going to take more time.


Live chats can be more personalized in terms of conversation. However, if your WhatsApp Chat Bot is not able to store data prior to customer chat, returning customers will enjoy a new experience every time they start a new conversation with you.

When talking about WhatsApp Chat Bot, smart chatbots can store and evaluate previous chat data to continue additional chats.

However, there is a highlighter – in direct conversations, you don’t have to train your employees to provide customization in the conversation. But you have to collect data that is a bit difficult compared to chat robots.

With WhatsApp Chat Bot, it’s easy to collect information, but you have to have a smart AI chatbot and train it well.

Response time

Before we understand why WhatsApp Chat Bot is the winner at the response time point, let’s agree on one fact – consumers’ intention to buy is highest when they’re active on your website and WhatsApp chatbot always continues to exist.

Live chat can in no way overcome WhatsApp Chat Bot at the time of response. Even if you have a dedicated person sitting at the desk, staring at the screen, and waiting for the customer to ask a question, it will take a few seconds to read, understand, and write again.

WhatsApp Chat Bot responds to the query at any given time, and that’s why it’s more preferred when it comes to instant response. Because customers don’t want to wait for responses, responding to customers as quickly as possible should be your priority, and this is possible every time only using WhatsApp Chat Bot.

Cost efficiency

One of the things that matters to each organization is cost-effectiveness. Every business looks to provide resources. Hiring a 20-member team to support live chat will cost you more than just a single WhatsApp Chat Bot. You won’t have to pay for it, you won’t have to make up for the mistakes you’ve made, and finally, you won’t have to satisfy the wonderful work they do for your business.

Compared to the human needs of a fixed salary, insurance, bonus, and other allowances, WhatsApp Chat Bot is sorted in this way. In general, we can say that when it comes to cost efficiency, WhatsApp Chat Bot doesn’t need to be thought about.

However, if you are looking for the easiest solution that can help increase the conversion rate.

Live chat is great, especially if you have the resources to use it properly. It seems to have become the minimum expected of companies these days.

But looking ahead, it certainly looks bright for the AI-powered WhatsApp Chat Bot.

However, WhatsApp Chat Bot is not here to completely replace humans in customer service but serves as a tool to help us save money, time and energy.

And let’s not forget, the technology exists for your business to get both live chat and WhatsApp Chat Bot – and much more at the same time.

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