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what multilingual visitors supposed to do if the site is improved only for German or English-speaking countries, for example? Solution: Multilingual chat bot.

When you’re in the global growth phase, more and more customers expect to interact with companies in different languages and dialects of their choice. This is particularly the case when it comes to interacting with chat bots if you associate it with your website or other channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

In fact, communicating with customers in their preferred language is an art owned by successful companies. They are now looking for other ways to facilitate translation through machine learning APIs in order to translate incoming and outgoing messages through multilingual chatbots.

Everyone on the web prefers to shop in their native language. However, if you want to use this potential with your website or online store, you have a critical advantage in the international market. This will give you a key advantage over competition – and will bring more sales.

Chatbot services are simply multilingual: you connect with your customers in their preferred language. If this is not provided, it can directly affect the satisfaction of international customers and ultimately the success of the company.

How do multilingual chatbot services work?

Chat Bot is set up in one language, and its knowledge base is maintained in that single language. Chat Bot is then played in the different languages that users want.

Example: A Saudi company also active abroad. German customers now come to the company’s website – chatbot recognizes German as a preferred language. It automatically switches from Arabic or English to German to communicate directly with customers in their language.

This is without a second German chat bot as well as an Arabic chat bot. Instead, the user is invisiblely translated in the background. This also means that the service department does not have to hire any additional German-speaking staff – chatbot automatically translates queries and answers within seconds.

For agents, user requests are translated into chat bot to process them, and answers are displayed again in user language. Thus, based on integration, chat bots are run in different languages on different channels.

What is innovation in multilingual chatbot?

Using multilingual chat bots, several languages can be represented in a single chat bot. Unique feature: Multilingual chatbot can be managed and maintained in one language. This means you no longer have to program a different chat bot for each language.

Communicate with customers in their own language

The globalization of business allows customers from all over the world to interact with brands. However, there must be homogeneity to brand connections to avoid creating dissonance between the brand and the customer. That’s why communicating with customers in their own language is vital.

Think of it this way – when you decided to visit a country where there was a language barrier, you came there by choice. But will such a negative experience induce you to return?

It’s the same when global customers get to your landing page. You’ll have to work harder to maintain their interaction by providing value in their own language.

Step to where your customers are

Before diving into communicating with customers in their own language, you need to understand their needs. Think about the problems they’re trying to solve and how your product or service offers a solution. Show your global customers that you sympathize with their problems and how you have the tools to fix them.

By entering your global client’s location, you’ll also know the best way to communicate with them. The personalities of global customers differ greatly from local customers. By searching for customers in the areas you want to expand, you’ll be able to set the tone of your messages and how you want to interact with them.

Keep in mind working with mentors from the region you hope to expand, and conduct extensive research on the culture of your target audience.

Use chat bot as a guide

Do you know what would have amplified your visit? Learn the local language. But learning a new language can take years to master. Sometimes being a beginner and communicating in a new language can be embarrassing.

Imagine that your customers felt the same way when interacting with your brand. This is not a way to make the customer feel. Our mission is to make sure that your customers feel that they are not tourists, but as a family. Learning a new language is harder than communicating in your language.

56.2% of customers believe that access to information in their own language is more important than the price.

So it’s time to work with the multilingual chat programs

If the customer service landscape is moving towards independence, your global customers should not be left behind. Use multilingual chat bot as a bridge between you and your global customers.

The world we live in becomes smaller. Societies, countries and cities have become more connected. Business is growing on a global scale. Language is no longer a barrier.

In fact, multilingual support can increase the likelihood of a customer’s buyback.

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