Ideas for the best content marketing strategies 2022

Content marketing

Most marketers understand how important content is to their marketing efforts. In fact, 99% of marketers say that the constant flow of ideas is essential to successful marketing.

Getting ideas from within your company is a great way to create a consistent rhythm of content throughout the year. Here are some questions to direct you in the right direction to get your content ideas.

Each work faces unique barriers when coming up with content ideas. Strategies that work with your team may not work with your content marketing counterparts in other organizations.

However, regardless of your business area or unique corporate structure, there are several steps in the thinking process that every content marketer needs to address.

The most important? Ensure that there is always a place to present, consider, transfer and convert great ideas to production and then turn them into viable content, so we’ve compiled the most important tools to help you generate ideas and most content marketers use them.

Content marketing: discussion, consensus, work

When trying to come up with content ideas, Belle Beth Cooper talks about reaching consensus as a group and some common difficulties to avoid. In this model, content makers spend time alone thinking about new ideas for content marketing, shaping their own vision of content, and then sharing those ideas with fellow decision makers.

Once the content makers group has come together, it’s time to discuss and examine ideas internally to make sure the best are the best. Sometimes, discussion generates better ideas than original ideas proposed for content marketing.

Once content marketing ideas are defined, it’s time to work on them as quickly as possible by assigning roles and responsibilities. This fast-paced strategy keeps creative inspiration alive, and takes advantage of brainstorming energy in exchange for avoiding ideas aside to be created by someone else later.

Content marketing: flexibility

Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence spoke about how content makers need to feel comfortable with a little fun within the company’s ads. Even if they have a consistent way of presenting ideas and brainstorming potential content ideas, everyone needs to have an open and flexible mind where ideas come across the table for consideration. This ensures that content remains up-to-date and appropriate to the target audience, and avoids wasting time on old news, playback concepts, or older topics, a way that contributes to content marketing significantly.

Content marketing: Content from user creation

Instead of relying solely on internal resources for content ideas, Autodesk uses content from creating users from their community. By having specific editorial goals and criteria in their content marketing plan, Autodesk can essentially make a call to a particular type of content, or just choose from the best technical concepts that emerge from their community.

Another great way to get content ideas is to take advantage of the creative energy of other sections. Sales, for example, may have some great ideas for content that will help them sell better.

Content Marketing: Introducing the Most Important Ideas

Fractals promotion manager talked about how some of the most successful content marketers are not allowed to separate ideas once away from their core campaign-based strategies. Ideas are examined based on their excellence and compatibility with campaign objectives. This makes the feedback loop ideas tighter and more efficient over time.

Content marketing: combining tactics

Because each business is different, the methods can be modified or integrated to suit your organization’s needs. For example, Kaposi relies on consensus, flexibility, and campaign harmonization.

We start to generate ideas. First, important topics were developed for this quarter. Ideas are then put forward about the pillars (large content assets) that support, discuss and decide on those topics. Marketing ideas for smaller than are evaluated based on their compatibility with the campaign. Popular topics and news are also monitored, which can be written and published quickly to increase the popularity of topics in a timely manner.

Take a look at your team and the structure of your organization. How can concepts move from ideas to writing complete and distinctive marketing ? What obstacles do you currently face, and how can the strategies mentioned in this topic help you remove them?

Remember that the process is often in progress. The best way to find what works for your organization is to test new strategies, then modify and improve as you move forward.

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