How WhatsApp Helps Improve Your Sales 2020

WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing has become the first choice for companies to connect with customers, with WhatsApp helping you reach more than 2 billion users around the world, compared to other social media platforms, WhatsApp has the largest number of users per month, nearly 2 billion users. This is why large companies around the world use whatsapp to market their products through WhatsApp marketing.

There are two key keys that distinguish WhatsApp from other social media platforms; WhatsApp communication has more personal communication, and it’s the growth in user numbers that makes WhatsApp marketing interesting.

However, WhatsApp has limits. WhatsApp doesn’t have ad features, so attracting potential customers to connect to you via WhatsApp requires creativity.

So you need a strategy to increase sales with WhatsApp marketing. Here are some strategies on WhatsApp’s role in improving sales

WhatsApp marketing strategies

Improving customer service

WhatsApp is the best platform for increasing conversion rates. According to some reports by Nielsen, more than 67 percent of respondents prefer to communicate online with companies. Also, 53 percent of respondents prefer to shop with stores that respond to their conversations.

This data proves that WhatsApp communication helps you increase sales and provide better customer service. Not only that, WhatsApp features such as chat, voice chat and video calls are useful for better helping your customers.

Take advantage of WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has countless features that can be used to increase your sales. For example, you can post ads about your work on your status. You can post a status update about ongoing promotions.

Another useful WhatsApp feature is site sharing. If your customers ask where you work, you can share your business site via WhatsApp. After that, your customers only have to open the message and Google Maps will direct them to your site.

Make special marketing messages

The main advantage of WhatsApp marketing is its personal and authentic nature. But to get your customers’ attention, you have to be very creative when writing a message. Fortunately, WhatsApp has the features you need.

There are many formatting options that you can use. For example, you can place a dark or slanted line to emphasize your words. For bold, place your words between asterisks (e.g. dark). As for the oblique line, it was broken up between the lower police (e.g. italic).

You can also send videos, GIFs and photos with your message to make them more attractive to customers. But avoid spam altogether. Send your message in paragraphs so it’s easier for the eyes. Make it brief and interesting.

WhatsApp marketing tips

Collect your contacts on WhatsApp

There are many ways to collect contacts. You can hold a seminar or exhibition and make sure participants fill out a whatsApp form. Your seminar/gallery may not bring sales, but you can follow these WhatsApp numbers and convert them into sales later.

You can also collect contacts with other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Run a simple social media promotion that requires your customers to fill out their WhatsApp contact.

Ask customers to save your contacts

The purpose is to make sure that your customers can receive your WhatsApp messages. Make sure participants fill out the form and remind them to save your contacts immediately on their mobile phones.

Send messages to customers regularly

Male, don’t bother your customers by sending spam. Adjust the delivery time correctly so that the recipient does not block your contact because you send it too much.

Make messages short but fun enough. Customize message content with your customers’ demographics. For high school and university students, use unique photos, GIFs, or stickers, but they must be relevant to the content sent.

Using social media as a marketing tool is an effective way to increase your sales. WhatsApp can also be used as one of the most common communication apps and social media platforms in the world by companies to market their products and services.

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