Important guide to designing chat bot for your business

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There is a chat bot, then there is a good chat bot that ensures successful conversation results and benefits business processes. ChatBot’s publication combines artistic and creative talent. Your task is not over once you learn how to create a chat bot. You also need to understand the complexities of the flow of conversation and the strategic logic behind it.

Consumers are still not very open to using chat bots, but with the right design that leads to a sound user experience, 86% of consumers are open to using them.

This proves that the formula for the success of the automated chat program is largely due to its design. This makes us want to ask, how good is your design for a chat interface that provides value to users and ensures a useful conversation experience?

There are some basic protocols for chat bot design that one needs to follow to enhance bot success opportunities.

Keep in mind the following points during the unique chatbot design

Type your chatbot

Chat Bot combines both rule-based chat bot and artificial intelligence. Rule-based chat bot is created by drawing a resolution tree.

You can develop complex conversation flow charts to achieve your bot’s goal without using artificial intelligence. On the other hand, chatbot artificial intelligence uses natural processing engines (NLP) to answer complex questions. You can either adopt one or build a chatbot that combines the two.

Design the final scenario of the conversation

Customers are still reluctant to talk to chat bots, mainly because they can’t offer a human conversation experience. The text of your conversation is the key to breaking this barrier.

Chatbots are conversational marketing tools, which means that conversation is at its core. We can’t talk about chat bot design and we can’t talk about the flow of conversation. To develop an attractive chat and bit program, be sure to select the following points:

Tone of communication

The best part of the conversation platform is that you are free to retain the familiarity to repeat a verbal conversation. People used to use a normal tone on messaging platforms. Use that for your own good.

However, this also depends on the product, the audience and the platform you use. A person who buys a luxury watch needs to be treated in a different tone and language style than the person looking to buy casual clothes. Balance the right amount of fun, formalities and customization.

Length of conversation

Imagine a situation where you get a very long message on your phone or even get someone to talk for too long at a time without allowing you to participate in the conversation. The experience is simply unpleasant.

Companies make a common mistake while developing a bot script. They want to connect everything at once. If a visitor wants to read the same thing they read on the site, what value does your chat bot offer? The best way to make your bot program interact is to have small message strings instead of heavy text messages on your chat bot. Makes the interface look confused and boring.


Companies have long looked for a way to have real-time conversations with their customers, and now they have that way. No one is ready to read just on the bot.

They’re looking forward to talking. Your flow needs to allow input from your customers. Give them options – what they’re looking for, what they want to know, and how bots can help make it about them and not about you.

Add the emotional touch

Many consumers find it scary and uncomfortable trying to repeat human-like conversations on the bot. You don’t need to design your chat bot to be human to give an emotional touch to the conversation.

It can be what it is and still has an emotional tone. This can also bring out your robot and stay longer in the consumer’s mind.

When you post your chat bot, you don’t just post a talking machine on your site. You need to add flavor to bot conversations, and design plays a prominent role in giving this feature to chat bots.

Designing your chat bot can eventually help you put you in the chat marketing arena, allowing you to pave your way through new dimensions to connect with customers and improve customer participation.

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