How to get potential customers via WhatsApp

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On this subject, we will offer you a marketing strategy for WhatsApp marketing and the creation of WhatsApp to generate potential customers at a cheaper price and high quality through paid visits from other platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Use Facebook in ads to advertise directly about your business’s WhatsApp bot

Use Facebook ads to advertise directly about WhatsApp, instead of your website. It’s much cheaper than promoting the website, if you combine this method with WhatsApp, it can lead to a high ROI.

The goal of using Facebook ads is to generate as many potential customers as possible on WhatsApp. You can then send and receive messages automatically from potential customers on WhatsApp in the future. They have become subscribers to your WhatsApp bot.

Use a WhatsApp landing page on the site to generate potential customers on WhatsApp

Another way is to use Google Ads, Facebook ads, or any other paid ad method to send traffic to a landing page with a WhatsApp button, which turns the customer directly into your WhatsApp bot.

The goal here is to use WhatsApp on the website to get people to subscribe to your WhatsApp bot.

This strategy can also lead to a high ROI due to lower WhatsApp competition than other channels. For example, email, Facebook Messenger, and SMS are all relatively competitive. This means that your messages have the ability to open rates much higher on WhatsApp.

Why pay attention to the benefits of WhatsApp marketing and whatsapp bot creation?

With more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the leading app in messaging apps. It is the most common messaging app in 133 countries around the world. If you want to improve your customer experiences, you need to market them through their favorite app, so you should create a WhatsApp bot for your business.

What types of businesses are not allowed to access business API?

Some specific industries are not allowed to use Business API. They include:

  • Real cash games (gambling)
  • Adult content
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Supplements
  • Health care
  • Health care insurance
  • Debt collection
  • Government
  • Media.

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