The future role of AI and customer service

Customer service and artificial intelligence

Are you with or against customer service and AI for your business? Do you still have questions about how to implement it, what options are available, and whether your customers will respond?

We explore the future role of AI in more detail, particularly in customer service by researching and seeing the results of many reports and surveys.

The immeasurable value of customer service

We have addressed the importance of improving customer service, highlighting the indisputable statistics of their value and the critical importance of getting them right. However, to make sure we are never satisfied with customer service, we would like to provide some updated numbers.

95% of consumers say customer service is important for brand loyalty.

92% will turn into another company after 3 bad experiences (or less), and 26% will switch after only one bad experience.

89% of companies compete for quality customer service alone.

67% are likely to discourage friends and family from using a company they had a bad experience with.

How does this improved customer service relate to your adoption of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence versus human factor

The perceived gap between ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and customer service is decreasing daily. In the past few days, the emergence of artificial intelligence has made people a little thorny and defensive. Like many doubts during the Industrial Revolution, questions arose about job security and the creeping repetition of human beings in the workforce.

Is this still a concern? Maybe for some. However, it is difficult to ignore the benefits of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, particularly in customer service.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Repetitive and mind-boggling tasks can be a curse in an employee’s life. A HEALTH and safety consultancy in the UK has said the negative impact of repetitive tasks in the workplace.

“The impact of repetitive tasks on the mental state of the staff member can be severe. Just as stress can contribute to mental health problems, extreme boredom through the endless repetition of a menial task can begin to negatively affect an individual’s mental state and well-being. It can also make them very frustrated, unhappy and desperate to leave the company, which will lead to recruitment costs and waste of time while bringing in someone new and giving them all the induction training needed for a new start, leading to a constant spiral of recruitment, wasted time and increased costs.”

What can be a recurring task in your organization that can be delivered to an artificial intelligence system?

Artificial intelligence can remove the burden of common low-value tasks such as:

Answer questions about business appointments, contact details or branch addresses

Confirmation of orders or delivery

Check inventory levels in an item

Scheduling or modifying appointments

Answering FAQs

Enter data

How much time do your valuable agents face customers on these tasks, and where can they be better channelled?

24-hour availability with AI assistance

We cannot reasonably expect businesses to be available when we choose to interact with them. However, Amnesty International says otherwise.

We live in a world of mobile speed with a range of tools and applications that make it possible. Therefore, if your customers want to book a holiday at 3 am, they can do so.

If they have a question, there will be a friendly chat bot ready to help. After-hours account queries can now be processed by professional chatbot that can respond accurately to the information they provide.

Predictable personal service

As much as we insist otherwise, we don’t like surprises. Certainly, in a business environment, we appreciate the value of consistency and unified systems. The use of AI allows companies to provide the personal, intelligent and predictive experiences that customers increasingly expect. However, the human touch is essential to customer satisfaction and remains an option for those who prefer it.

Access to big data

Sound business decisions are based on accurate information, yet it is difficult to obtain such data and not always as accurate as it can be. Data analysts had to search debris of information to identify trends, customer habits, preferences and marketing opportunities.

In contrast, AI provides simplified and easy-to-use reports on vast amounts of reliable data, allowing us to understand the basic details about our audience and make smarter and more informed decisions. This side alone deserves its weight in gold.

Other benefits of artificial intelligence

What else can we expect from artificial intelligence in our business?

Real-time customer communication channel analysis

Maximize proactive service delivery options, proxy availability and waiting times

With predictive and sensitive analytics, you can automatically escalate and categorize situations

The workflow can run chat bots to provide accurate and up-to-date information

Using CRM data, AI can help schedule and guide calls efficiently

The Sat Bot can handle many queries simultaneously to speed up service times

Capture huge amounts of data for analysis

Choose the best option for you

While there are still mixed feelings about the impact and effectiveness of AI and how it will affect both customers and employees, there is no need to feel the need to follow the public.

The good news is that you fully control how you choose to apply ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE within your organization.

“The question of how to change, adapt or disappear each job has become a design decision,” comments an article from a well-known platform when discussing the changing face of the workforce. What aspects of work do you replace with machines? Do you want to “increase” staff with machines that make work easier and more scalable? What will the impact of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and The Chat Bot have on the customer experience, service quality and brand? Should your organization wait for competitors to fully check artificial intelligence and the Chatbot? “

Start using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to serve customers

We’ve all tried the benefits of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE whether we realize it or not. Applying these systems in your organization may be something on your to-do list, but you’re not entirely sure where to start.

The success of AI in serving customers or in other areas of your business depends on who you choose to partner with to implement seamless business communication channels. In the end, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE still requires the right initial preparation and training from humans to perform the tasks it has undertaken.

Are you ready to collaborate with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and exceed your customers’ expectations?

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